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May 24, 2013 09:27 PM

Short and Main- Gloucester

Congratulations to the Team from Market in Annisquam for opening this fun and focused pizza and raw bar restaurant. The cocktails are excellent ( full bar) Had a " monkey " something that had vodka and basil. Refreshing and potent. . I started dinner with lobster cocktail that had citrus, avocado and at least a full fat claw of lobster meat for $16. Husb had 6 ME oysters and said they were fresh briney with excellent mignonette ...shared the margarita pizza that had great crust and not overloaded with sauce . Fresh mozzarella and basil and good chew to the dough made it a hit. Fired in wood fueled pizza oven. Bottle of Dolcetto ( $40 and the most expensive bottle on the all Italian list most of which we brought home ) and we were totally satisfied. Great service. Nice open room ... Welcomed addition to the Cape Ann scene. We will be back...often.

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  1. For those of you who ask about $1 oysters, I've seen a sandwich board outside advertising them. Not sure if I read the sign right for first hour of service or last hour, or if it varies.

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      One oyster off the list is $1, everyday from 5 to 6pm, and again from 9 to 10pm (10 to 11pm Fri and Sat).

    2. I am absolutely bonkers over this place. Pizza dreams are made of, great oysters and fantastic cocktails. Simple concept, simply decorated, but done well, not overwrought or pretentious. Just what Gloucester needed.

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        I have wanted to try Market for the longest time, but i kept hearing things about it that dissuaded me. Do you like it? Is Short and Main on the water? And would you describe the pizza more plse!(SUCH a divisive CH topic!)Annisquam is such a pretty place; we love to go there for the winter sunsets.

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          The center of the pizza is about the thickness of two quarters stacked, somehow without being saggy or soggy, the perfect amount of cheese and sauce, the crust is light, airy and tender with a delicate crispness to it. Ugh, now I want it and it's 3am in Boston.

        1. Been to Market several times over the past 2 years, yah excellent view, I thought it was barely average and nothing special. Not sure this would be much different but, I plan to stop by soon and give it a try. I don't rely on the Globe for much in the way of it's reviews. I prefer to experience a place and hear for others who have gone, sans the hypers.

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            At the very least, i find Globe or other reviews- helpful when they have photos and factual descriptions of food, room, etc.
            ymmv of course.

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              Photo's, you must go gaga when looking at the front of a Cherrio's box.