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May 24, 2013 09:15 PM

Staying near Piazza del Popolo, what's great over there?

We rented an apartment near Piazza del Popolo overlooking Villa Borghese for a week this July. We usually stay in places a bit more central, but were getting sick of being totally in the heart of the center of Rome. If you know of any great casual restaurants, cafes, bakeries or farmer's market in that part of town, I'd love to hear about it.


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  1. I find that area a little difficult, but here are few suggestions.

    Via della Croce 8
    Nothing fancy here, chose from 2 freshly made (the carbonara, when they have it is one my favorites in Rome) pasta dishes a water and a glass of wine for 4 euro. Lunch only from 1:00pm

    A glass of wine and plate of cold meats and cheeses at Enoteca Antica
    Via della Croce 76/b
    In the mornings there is usually a very small vegetable market on (or near) this corner.

    Fiaschetteria Beltramme is a good, old fashioned, trattoria.
    Via della Croce 39

    The service can be slow as molasses, but I love a cocktail at the Hotel Locarno on via della Penna.

    Fatamorgana - one of Rome's best artisan gelaterias just opened a new location near the spanish steps on Via Laurina 10.

    1. is your apartment inside or outside the gate? Plotkin writes about a lively local shopping strip outside the Porto del Popolo, but we have never explored there ourselves

      1. Explore the Via di Ripetta. There are some trattorias and restaurants, an excellent butcher, a great wine shop where you can sit down and have a little something to eat, and a variety of food shops. But Piazza del Popolo doesn't overlook Villa Borghese, Villa Borghese overlooks Piazza del Popolo (sort of), so your apartment may not be so near the piazza.

        1. I was going to say same as maureen - if you can give a street name, we can help you better, it looks like you might be in another area altogether....

          1. A second for Fiaschetteria Beltrame, a block or two west of Piazza Spagna.

            I wish I could be more specific, but I've had fun at 'Gusto. Restaurant, food store, kitchen shop. Go south on the Corso from Piazza del Popolo perhaps three or four blocks and turn right for a block or two. Its a big and happening place.