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May 24, 2013 08:37 PM

MKE - Sprecher's Restaurant and Pub to open at Bayshore Town Center

Sprecher has committed to opening one of their brew pubs at Bayshore Town Center sometime this fall. I have been to the locations in Lake Geneva and The Dells (but not the one in Madison) and thought, obviously, the beer was excellent and was pleasantly surprised by the food considering it is a brew pub.

Will it make Deptolla's Top 30? Certainly not. But if it is similar to the other locations it will offer great beer (especially those not available by bottle in stores or even on tap in bars) and above average brew pub food.

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  1. Not sure where it is going in, but the outfit that licensed Ryan Braun and Arron Rodger's names is going in where COA is going out.

    I'll take Fowler's review and go there to try it out, but I will admit to being skeptical since they have no connection to Sprecher's other than licensing the name and using their products.

    Despite the fact that Trader Joe's went in and extended my father's life for years (one of the things he missed when we moved him here, but by gosh he missed Stew Leonard's), (Trader Joe's opened up early for him before the grand opening, gave him such a huge "opening" gift that it was shared with his assisted living place, and made allowances for weekly trips by that place), Bayshore is turning in to more and more of a disappointment. Lousy traffic pattern, outside mall in the winter, huge amount of crime, etc. turning into the same type of place that Mayfair turned into.

    Of course, just being able to go into an Orvis again is wonderful. Not that I spend anything there other than getting some $20 cases, but I enjoy it.

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      I completely understand your point. It is certainly a license-based business model and it is not as though the master beer maker over at Sprecher will be in the kitchen making the bowl of beer, bratwurst and cheese soup.

      My experience was that the meals and beer I had at the LG and Dells locations were good for what they are...Brew pubs. Nothing more.

      On the other hand...:-) while I am a fan of Arron Rodgers, I would not even remotely be interested in eating at his restaurant. Especially if Ryan Braun can profit from my hard earned money. Remember when Brett Favre opened that steakhouse downtown? I went there and it was dreadful.

      I also agree with your assessment of Bayshore. Once they opened a Trader Joe's in Brookfield I basically gave up on Bayshore.

    2. The Sprecher's in Lake Geneva had good food when it first opened, but slowly declined to the point where I didn't recommend it any more except to tourists who wanted a view of the lake. I haven't eaten there in a year; so, I hope they got their game back.