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May 24, 2013 07:20 PM

Portland in June

Hi Everyone!

I'm planning to visit Portland towards the end of June and wanted your opinion on a few things.

1. If I mainly want to stay in Downtown, would two days be enough or should I make it three?

2. I will probably be there Sunday-Tuesday or Sunday-Wednesday and so far, have planned brunch at Beast and dinner at Le Pigeon. I'm coming from LA and my taste is food is wide--where else do you guys recommend?


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  1. Depends what you want to do... Two days means only 2 dinners to try. So, in that regard, more is better in my book.

    Approx budget? Dining solo? Like beer, cocktails, wine? Need reservations or willing to show up and wait?

    Let us know a little more and we can be more specific.

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    1. re: cobpdx

      I am hoping to see the Lan Su Chinese Gardens, International Rose Test Garden, Powell's Books, Saturday Market, Pioneer Square, the Museum, and probably a few other things.

      I will be dining solo and no real budget--just want to enjoy good food :) I am not a drinker and would prefer to have a reservation but am not against waiting.

      Would appreciate any suggestions/feedback--thanks again!

      1. re: cali23

        You can probably do all that in a couple of days if you want.

        The Saturday Market (which DOES run on Sunday) should not be mistaken for the Farmers Market, which runs on Saturday only. I assume you are aware of the difference, but if not, you should know the Saturday Market is more of a craft fair and I would not seek out any of the food sold there.

        In the downtown area:

        Little Bird
        10th and Alder food carts (especially Nongs)
        Tasty and Alder

        Check them out online and let me know if I've come close on anything.

        1. re: cobpdx

          Thanks for the suggestions. Tasty and Alder/Sons looks good, as well as your other suggestions, especially the food carts!

          So I have booked my flight and will be staying Sat-Tuesday morning--very excited to visit Portland :)

          This is what I have booked so far:

          Brunch at Beast (noon)
          Dinner at Le Pigeon

          Breakfast at Tasty n Alder or Sons
          Afternoon Tea at Heathman Hotel
          Dinner at Andina

          I arrive Saturday morning and was thinking of brunch at one of the following places: Clyde Commons, Screen Door, Imperial, or Mother's Bistro and Bar--what do you guys think?

          I have room for one more dinner and was looking at Roe, Serratto, Ox, or VQ (although I think I might be able to do lunch at some of these places).

          And of course, will drink lots of coffee throughout the trip and I plan to stop by Ken's Artisan Bakery and Blue Star Donuts.

          Thanks for the feedback!

          1. re: cali23

            If you can swing Roe on Saturday night, do it! Call and ask to sit at the chefs counter and do the chefs tasting menu. It is $100 but you get 10 courses. You can reserve. Worth it.

            Otherwise, I would do Ox, but for a Saturday night you will have to go early or wait, as they don't take reservations.

            All of your brunch choices are solid. Screen door is the farthest away. I would probably do any of the other ones and then you will easily be able to go to the Farmers Market as well.

            1. re: cobpdx

              Thanks for all your suggestions cobpdx! I was able to get a reservation for Roe and can't wait! One quick question, do you prefer Ox to Andina or are they too different to compare?

              Pine State Biscuits: is it really that good? and what food/snack places do you recommend there?


              1. re: cali23

                Ox and Andina are worlds apart. I cannot recommend Andina.

                PSB - yes!

                1. re: DanielLP

                  ugh! i'm so sad that Ox is not open on Monday (my final night in Portland!)

                  What are your thoughts on dinner at Clyde Common or Olympic Provisions or anything else?

                  1. re: cali23

                    Mondays are hard in PDX.
                    In order... here are places I would go:
           (really surprisingly great food and incredible value
                    ) - sit at the bar and get recommendations
           (only Indian - completely different than other saucy Indian we have had before - we eat in PDX) and Salt & Straw is next door...

                    1. re: DanielLP

                      Also, regarding what DanielLP wrote:

                      Uptown Billiards IS good, and surprisingly so, given that it is in a pool hall. But you should know that, like Roe, it is completely dark and windowless inside and if you do both Roe and UB, you would have two evenings essentially dining in a cave, if that matters to you.

                    2. re: cali23

                      Bummer on Ox.

                      If you want to stay downtown, I do like Clyde Commons - communal tables unless you grab a seat at the bar. No reservations. Gruner is an option. Departure is asian-inspired and has great views of the city. Paley's Place is also solid (sort of NW-french). I also really like Little Bird (which, like Le Pigeon, is also a Gabriel Rucker restaurant, but the menus are totally different, so I don't think you will feel like you are eating at the same place twice). I also like Imperial (get the oven-fired romaine salad if you go). Tasty & Alder.

                      On the other side of the river, Woodsman Tavern is good. Screen Door. Tasty & Sons. St Jack.

                      If you are planning on going to the Farmer's Market at PSU on Saturday, you can hit up Pine State Biscuits there and it will save you a trek to the other side of the city. Don't be intimidated by the lines, it goes pretty fast.

                      1. re: cobpdx

                        Thanks for the suggestions! Really appreciate the responses :)

                        1. re: cobpdx

                          Also at Portland Farmers Mkt at PSU is Lauretta Jean's. I'm liking their biscuits these days even more than Pine.

                          1. re: Leonardo

                            Second that. We did a back-to-back taste test this past Saturday and there was no contest. LJ all the way! Doesn't hurt that you don't have to brave a lineup...

        2. I second Tasty and Alder, or Tasy and Sons if you want to venture out of downtown...also, try the donuts at Blue Star...they are great!!! Departure has great views, good place for Happy Hour, but it gets crowded, so go early. The food carts are great for lunch during the week, the Frying Scotsman has beautiful fish and chips, and I just tried Kargi Gogo, food from the Republic of Georgia.

          1. Well...? Did you come to PDX? If so, any thoughts on your experiences?

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            1. re: cobpdx

              This is why I often don't reply to tourist requests: one-off inquiries, they don't follow up with a report, just take and not give back.

              1. re: cobpdx

                Hi everyone! I went to Portland a few weekends ago and had a great time :) The food was delish and the people were super nice---definitely had a great time!

                Had brunch at Tasty N Alder and loved the potatoes bravas. Also went to Beast and it was delicious as well. I liked the communal table, chatted with a few of the diners who were also visiting. Pine State Biscuits was really good although a lot of items were sold out by the time I got there.

                My favorite dinner was definitely Le Pigeon! Got to sit at the counter and watched all the action. The foie gras

                Walked by Voodoo Doughnuts a few times and it was always so packed. I went to Blue Star donuts and really enjoyed it :)

                Thanks again for all your input, I definitely had a fab time in Portland and can't wait to come back!

                  1. re: Leonardo

                    Yes, thanks for reporting back! Did you not end up going to Roe?

                    1. re: cobpdx

                      Unfortunately, did not dine at Roe. It was a bit too far so I ended up going to Castagna instead, which was really good!

                      I plan to head back to Portland again so will definitely hit up the places that I missed the first time :)