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May 24, 2013 06:01 PM

De buyer pans at Future Shop!

Just found out that is selling De Buyer Mineral B pans at a great price(online shopping only).
Great pans at a great price..

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  1. wow, totally unexpected. I want the 10" but alas it's sold out.

    maybe I"ll snap the 12.5.

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    1. re: aser

      I know right,Who'd a thunk they'd be selling kitchenware?
      The 12.5 is a great size,pretty heavy but it has a" "helper handle".I have that and the 9".Best pans I've ever used...

    2. pete big thanks for this tip. FYI Future Shop and Best Buy now have 10" pans in stock. I just ordered one.

      Great price. I'm just a bit nervous about seasoning it. I must admit I don't have a great track record with woks so I'm hoping for a better experience w this pan!

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      1. re: Breadcrumbs

        I have little experience with these pans, must they be seasoned? It didn't look like cast iron, but perhaps the picture is deceiving.

        1. re: Sadistick

          From what I understand, the Mineral and Mineral B pans to need to be seasoned much like cast iron.

          I'd heard De Buyer pans were great for induction which is what piqued my interest. I went to the De Buyer site to be sure and they have seasoning instructions and a video for these mineral pans.

          Evidently they come from the factory with a beeswax coating that must be removed prior to seasoning then the pan is seasoned atop the stove with oil.

          There seems to be a lot of debate online about which oils are best to use as some seem to "gum up" the pan.

          Someone has posted very detailed instructions on Amazon on how best to season and from what I read there, their instructions seem to be aligned with what Cook's Illustrated once recommended.

          There's also some discussion here on the Cookware thread.

          Since the price was very good I figured I'd give it a shot. Perhaps others with experience will post here.

          1. re: Breadcrumbs

            The video on the De Buyer website is the method I used,and it worked great for me.Obviously,the more you use it the better seasoned it will become.

            1. re: petek

              Thanks Pete, that's great to know and I must say your pan looks to be seasoned beautifully.

              1. re: Breadcrumbs

                Thanks! That's just the natural "patina". I sear and roast all my proteins ,fry and roast potatoes,caramelize onions and bacon of course,lots and lots of bacon.... :D.The only thing I don't do is deglaze the pan with anything acidic(wine,vinegar etc)

                1. re: petek

                  Thanks Pete, that's good advice. mr bc loves bacon so I'll pick some up on the weekend and he can have fun seasoning my pan!! I like the idea of using it for roasting...great tip!

          2. re: Sadistick

            They're carbon steel and yes they must be seasoned..

          3. re: Breadcrumbs

            Very recent, and very good, thread about seasoning the Mineral B here:

            1. re: JoanN

              That's a great thread Joan, thank-you! I have zero confidence that I'll be able to season that pan properly so that's really helpful. Big thanks! So nice to have you back!

            1. re: radiopolitic

              Best buy is showing "2 left" of the 10" Non-stick round frying pan now:


              1. re: Breadcrumbs

                Thanks :)

                Didn't think to check them.