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May 24, 2013 05:28 PM

[The Hamptons] Looking for a fine dining-ish waterfront restaurant

Hi chowhounders!
I am looking for a nice, fine dining-ish waterfront restaurant in the Hamptons. I have been to 'East Hampton Point Restaurant' in East Hampton and I really loved the ambience as well as the food. Any similar place? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Oddly enough there are few waterfront restaurants on the East End considering how much waterfront we have.
    I don't know much about anything East of the canal but In Hampton Bays:
    Canal Cafe for magnificent lobster rolls.
    Cowfish and Rumbar for eclectic interesting offerings.
    Greenport has the Blue Canoe right next to the ferry landing.

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    1. re: Motosport

      This is off topic regarding a nice place on the water, altho I totally agree with your assessment.

      But I know from previous posts that you love the bacon at Bruce's so I wanted to tell you that in today's local nofo papers there's an article about the butcher shop that makes it in-house and where they get it: My Butcher in Wading River. I have never been there but plan to go ASAP. The article also mentions that Bruce's serves "Brown Sugar Bacon", which is a Southern staple (I am from Atlanta originally), which I am sure you can find recipes for but basically it just calls for putting bacon on a rack over a sheet pan, sprinkle it with brown sugar and bake it at a high temp til it's crispy - haven't made it in ages so that's all I can recall. At least you now know where you can actually buy the bacon that both Bruce's and Frisky Oyster exclusively use, good luck!!!

    2. Not sure if your visit has passed but wanted to mention a few places...Beacon and B. Smith's in Sag Harbor might fit the bill for you as well as The Coast Grill on Noyac Rd. in Southampton, off the beaten path. All are on the water but I haven't been to any of them in the last 2 years - too far from the North Fork when they are open in season (means traffic, and we have so many great places here). Coast Grill just changed hands so i can't speak for them but we really enjoyed it in the past. Also great are North by Northeast and Harvest on the Pond in Montauk. All have great views and being on the water makes up for a lot.

      1. well there is Gurney's which has incredible views and they have recently renovated. Might also try the Harbor Bistro next door to EH Point, food is very good. I havent been but I hear Andrra (where Bostwicks was) is excellent and the view of 3 mile harbour is like that of EH Point