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Port Salut vs. Saint Paulin - what gives?

biondanonima May 24, 2013 05:07 PM

I was looking for Port Salut at Fairway the other day and the cheese guys steered me to a look-alike cheese labeled Saint Paulin. They assured me that it was the same cheese, just a different name, so I bought a wedge. NOT THE SAME. The Saint Paulin is fine, but it lacks the distinctive tang of Port Salut, and has a pastier mouthfeel.

Anyway, what can you cheese 'hounds tell me about these two cheeses? Is Port Salut still available? Any good sources for it? I've never had a problem finding it at Fairway before, so I'm hoping it's just a temporary situation there. Also, any suggestions on what to do with a wedge of Saint Paulin that is a little too boring for eating out of hand? :)