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May 24, 2013 02:11 PM

Best lobster roll along 95

Going from Mass to NY. Where would be a good place for a lobster roll near 95?

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  1. Mass style--cold sald with mayo-no clue, don't like em
    CT style-hot cooked with butter--Stowes in West Haven, CT

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      1. re: shoeman

        I hate Lenny and Joe's especially the new location in New Haven. I've posted earlier about this.

        1. re: bagelman01

          Agreed. I've tried most of the well regarded places along the I-95 corridor and Stowes is first with Captain Scott's in New London a solid second choice.

          1. re: ajh05004

            I like Captian Scott's. Had a hot roll special last year and thought it was yummy. And I am not a big lobster fan, I prefer crab myself.

      2. re: bagelman01

        cold with JUST mayo and a little seasoning, squeeze of lemon, is best in my opinion. I think it best enhances the flavor of the lobster, which on its own warm with butter is sort of plain jane, this taster feels.

      3. Whether they are the best is an unending debate. But, for your trip assuming it's down 91 to 95, a good option is Lenny and Joes Fishtale right on the water side as soon as you hit I-95 in New Haven. Large indoor restaurant with a view and hot buttered lobster rolls for 15.95. Stowes as mentioned is very good but they have very little inside room so it's limited pretty much to a nice day or eat in the car. Will take some navigating to find although it's probably only about 10 minutes from 95. Lenny's is living on past glories and isn't worth the effort to find it.

          1. re: madisoneats

            As an aside, this is a great place for subs and others if you have non lobster lovers in the crowd. About 3 minutes from lobster landing.


          2. Nice day as it is eating outside only is ABBOTS in Niantic - a little bit of meandering the south side of 95 - but right on the marina and always a good lobster roll

            now for a good lobster roll but Only sell them on Fridays ...and its take it out kind of cold lobster roll - but its a good deal ....hate to say it

            BIG Y - one off 95 in Old Lyme then again in Guilford -
            then you can go down the road to a beach in either town and enjoy

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            1. re: few

              Please don't get a lobster roll at Big Y if you're only going to have one in CT...

            2. Second Lobster Landing in Clinton CT

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              1. re: jdgall

                Another vote for Lobster Landing; their roll is more substantial than a regular New England style hot dog roll, and won't get soggy with butter. And the lobster is nice, fresh, and sweet.

                I don't like Abbott's. Something about serving a lobster roll on a hamburger bun takes something away from the sum of its parts.

                1. re: jdgall

                  Either Lobster Landing in Clinton (outside), or Lenny & Joes FishTale in Westbrook (inside) offers a delish L.R. Edd's Place (Westbrook-in or out) has been heavily advertising L.R.s recently, but haven't tried theirs yet.