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Egyptian food truck — Oakland [Royal Egyptian Cuisine]

I finally got around to trying Royal Cuisine, an Egyptian food truck in my neighborhood. It operates across the street from the end of the Broadway free shuttle line on Webster. He has seating set up on the sidewalk. It's wonderful! Changed my idea of how good a food truck could be. I had kofta and a small salad (which was a wonder in itself). The kofta came with sides of couscous, pita, a sauce and a roasted pepper. I'll definitely be going back.

The operator is a nice guy, too. He has a sign on his truck that reads: "please don't offend me (by) asking for ketchup." My kind of place.

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  1. Is this Royal Egyptian Cuisine the same truck?

    I ask because the FB page shows a huge smoker and I'm wondering what kind of smoke meats it produces for sale.

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      That looks like the same truck, but the smoker is not on Webster Street. Just a food truck.

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        After reading Mission's link, maybe that part of the menu has been dropped.

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          The smoker was at 2nd and Webster yesterday (June 7).

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            Has it been determined what the smoker is used for?

      2. Royal Egyptian Cuisine - Parked at Webster and 2nd Street, Oakland - Hours: Monday to Thursday, 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and until 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday


        1. New Hours from picture on their FB page.

          There's also a picture that says if you ask for your Lamb Kebab doneness other than Med-Rare, he may say that they are out :)
          Tues-Thur - 11am - 6pm
          Fri-Sat - 11am - 10pm
          Sun - 10am - 4pm


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            Hmm, ketchup AND kebab doneness issues. Any other rules we should know about?

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              it may be an anamoly.
              went early a few weeks ago. got the egyptian beef shawarma. was offered rice as an option when it usually came with flatbread or in a pita.

              -the meat was a mix of chewy, tender, and very tender beef. the rice was just so so
              -potato salad tasted a bit vinegary.
              not sure whether the food raises freshness or quality issues.

          2. This truck was missing from 2nd and Webster today (June 12) at lunchtime. I'm wondering if the City of Oakland ran him off.

            1. Good news! Although the City of Oakland did, indeed, run him off, he was able to fight back successfully (so far), and he's back in operation at 2nd and Webster.

              1. Right now he's on Lakeshore, right by the lake just before Wesley. I wasn't hungry, alas.

                1. I was able to sample a large portion of the Royal Egyptian menu this afternoon due to an ordering mishap. The truck was on Lakeshore and Brooklyn on a Sunday afternoon. I'd seen them before on Lakeside near Grand in Oakland late lunch hour and had missed their service but it caught my attention.
                  I ordered the Egyptian kofta, but got the falafel (fava-based). I was served a complimentary salad which involved delicious BBQ chicken and a generic lettuce/cabbage salad with cabbage, lettuce, and mini-corn. The chicken was amazing, the canned mini-corn I could have done without.
                  I was served the falafel, plus a platter of kofta, the gyro meat, and 3 salads. The falafel were freshly fried, and a bit wet on the inside, but still on the tasty side for felafel in the area. The gyro meat, which I did not order turned out to be the best gyro I've had for quite some time. The meat mixture and seasoning is definitely homemade, which is always difficult to determine in the gyro world. The kofta wasn't as tender as I'd hoped, but I really enjoyed the topping. There was some sort of cheese or other fermented product that really made the package. The other sides were okay, and I love the idea that they change frequently.