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May 24, 2013 01:07 PM


Anyone got suggestions for good places to eat a nice graduation lunch that won't be super busy where you have to wait an hour to eat. I'm looking for it either in the downtown area, international airport or by/around the millennia mall of Orlando, FL.

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  1. With a reservation you won't wait at the Ravenous Pig in Winter Park. Not far from UCF.

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    1. re: qbdave

      I'm graduating from high school so UCF would be to far for my family. Do you know anything for the millennia mall, I-drive area? If not thanks for replying anyway

      1. re: Doglover159

        by i-drive there is a whole lot of restaurants on restaurant row (sand lake road) you can choose from like Seasons 52, etc.

        Ricky Ly

    2. Cafe Tu Tu Tango might be fun for a bunch of seniors. - I drive area.

      1. Downtown, you might try The Rusty Spoon, a wonderful gastropub. If your group is adventurous, near Millenia consider Pasha Tavern & Lounge, which is North African (i.e. Moroccan) and Mediterranean.

        1. there's not much to try by the airport just yet for big parties. i'd choose also the rusty spoon or citrus downtown or if you want to head towards winter park, check out prato or the ravenous pig but it may be's worth the wait though. just get a reservation to be sure.

          Ricky Ly