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Suggestions for a blackberry amuse bouche?

We're doing a multi-course dinner for extended family this summer, and we'd love to work some of my MIL's blackberries into an amuse bouche (she'd get a HUGE kick out of it!). Any suggestions?

So far, the best ideas I have are either to make a blackberry-balsamic sauce for a bite of meat, or a blackberry BBQ sauce (potentially as a ravioli filling).

Thanks, 'hounds!

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  1. depends what else will be on the menu?

    cook down with some ginger into a confit and spread over goat cheese on crostini.

    blackberry bbq sauce sounds kinda bossy as a first bite.

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      sweet cheese-its this sounds good!!!

    2. Blackberry purée or sauce with brie in some way?
      Perhaps a phyllo tartlet with the Brie melted and then topped with the blackberry sauce?

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      1. I'm thinking duck (pan-seared, or confit) with thyme, and a blackberry-Cabernet sauce, or a gastrique.

        1. Hmmm--I'm wondering about pickled blackberries. I've never tried it, but I love pickled cherries. Wondering about a dab of chicken liver (or other) pâté on crostini or a round of radish or cucumber,topped with a pickled blackberry or two?

          If not for the amuse, though, blackberries could be incorporated into almost any of the other courses if they aren't set in stone.

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            mmm, love the pate idea. i often add a bit of fig jam to my chicken liver pate.

          2. Crostini with pork rillettes and blackberry reduction/gastrique.

            1. Sometimes I make an amuse bouche with blackberry (or huckleberry) goat cheese and a fresh hazelnut on an Asian soup spoon. Drizzled with a little flavored oil or leaf of a fresh herb. Really nice, very pretty and a special single bite.

              1. Thanks, everyone! I think a crostini-type amuse is likely the way to go. The menu is largely Italian-inspired, but not rigidly so.

                The duck confit idea is intriguing, though. A bite of confit on toast might be fun...

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                  i use pomegranate molasses with duck confit quite often. a blackberry reduction would be great.

                2. Mini muffins of blackberry, lemon & thyme
                  Blackberry & ricotta bruschetta
                  Or instead of an amuse, serve a blackberry granita or sorbet as a palate cleanser.

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                    Like the mini-muffin idea!

                    Sorbet had crossed my mind -- but I worried that the blackberry might be too much flavor for a palette cleanser. Have you ever used it in that way?

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                      No, I haven't. I suppose you could temper the flavor by adding an herbed simple syrup, instead of a plain syrup.

                    1. panna cotta is so good and so easy and a big blackberry sitting right in the middle sounds like heaven to me.

                      1. We ended up going with "Blackberries Three Ways," and we did it as a dessert amuse:

                        Blackberry-Lemon-Thyme Muffins (from Bon Appetit);
                        Blackberry-Lemon-Honey Frozen Yogurt Bites (also from Bon Appetit); and
                        Blackberry Lemonade (muddled blackberries in Trader Joe's organic lemonade)

                        It turned out great, and was a fun way to feature the berries. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! (esp. Dirtywextraolives for the muffin idea)

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                          Wonderful! So glad I could be of some help! Glad it worked so well for you and your guests! I have not done a dessert plate amuse three ways like that before..... What a fantastic idea.