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May 24, 2013 12:04 PM

NY Times Kitchen Fights Obesity?

What did you think of this article

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  1. I agree. Didn't they do a study that kids who eat at home with their families are better students, don't do drugs, and weigh less?

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    1. re: pdxgastro

      Well, one out of three ain't bad, I s'pose.

    2. She's wrong in writing that "sugar is a minor player," in my opinion (and Dr. Lustig's), but I agree that obesity begins in the home in the way we feed our children.

      1. What if mom was Paula Deen off of her adderall?

        1. I agree completely that regardless of what diet is followed - eating more at home is a huge component to health and weight. Also the more that cooking is done at home - like many things - the potential for home cooks to become better, make better food and all of that happens.

          I've always been good at cooking at home - but when I was in the US was happy to use various convenience foods. I moved overseas where so many convenience foods I was used to using were so much more expensive that I adapted/learned to be largely weened from convenience foods and adapt my style so that I don't really need or miss most of those items.

          1. I think this is rather obvious and commonsense.

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              Yes, in an ideal world. Blogger journalists like Motherlode don't take into consideration that not everyone has been a former corporate attorney/prosecutor and doesn't have the same resources she does.

              As it says in the sidebar about Motherlode "Raising healthy, happy, well-adjusted kids isn’t easy." It sure is a lot easier when you have the money and resources to have one parent stay home and can afford to make healthy gourmet meals every night. Too bad that's not the reality for everyone. Let them eat cake?