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May 24, 2013 10:43 AM

The Inn at Patowmack Farm or Trummers on Main

My husband and I are debating where to go for our 5th anniversary. We've narrowed it down to these two restaurants. I'd love feedback/advice.


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  1. I've heard good things about Trummers but haven't been there. I love Patowmack Farm. The food is more about locally grown, as fresh produce as you can get. They have their own farm on the premise and what they don't have there, they try to get locally. The glass conservatory is great by the hills and at night feels special w/ it dark outside. The last time we were there, we were told if we called ahead and it was light, they'd be happy to show us around the farm. The biggest drawback is the distance and the drive.

    1. Like the PP, I haven't been to Trummers, but I fell in love with the Restaurant at Patowmack Farm. The ambiance of the dining room is alright, but the service and the unbelievable beauty of the food is unforgettable. We went for a special occasion, and the entire night we talked about how glad we were that we chose it.

      We went in the winter, when all that was growing locally were apparently carrots, mushrooms and sunchokes, and it was still one of the best dinners we've ever had. I can't imagine what they'd have in the spring and summer!

      1. I've been to Trummers but not Patowmack. Trummers has great drinks and service, and the food is good but has seemed a little gimmicky the last few times I've been (really into the food powders, foams, etc.). The men in our group always complain that the portions are too small, bu they are steak and potato kind of guys. I think it's great and interesting the first time you go, and then the luster starts to wear off again.

        1. Patowmack has an incredible view as well as great food.