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May 24, 2013 10:13 AM

Italian fine dining for wife's birthday dinner (but still kid friendly)?

We're planning on being in LV the first week in June (will be the first time for the both of us). I wanted to celebrate my wife's birthday with a memorable fine dining experience, with a preference for Italian...but open to other recommended themes.

We will have our three kids with us, ages 5 to 10. Is there a place that can be fine dining but still be comfortable to go with our children?

For this night, I'd like the restaurant choice to be completely with my wife in mind...and not the kids.

Thanks everyone in advance for your suggestions!


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    1. Canaletto at the Venetian has some private balcony tables overlooking the "Venice canals". Usually I think they require a party of 6 or 8 to book but maybe would be able to get you in if its a birthday, especially if you're willing to dine early like 5:30pm or something. Might not be as "fine" a dining experience as you're looking for but certainly a memorable setting. Info on this restaurant is on

      1. Thanks for the tips. There's so many choices in Vegas so it's hard to decide, especially since it's our first time there. So I suppose every place will be a great experience.

        That being said, still undecided on Italian fine dining so the search goes on...

        Will definitely take a stroll in the Venetian.


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          I would consider scarpetta at the cosmopolitan; ask for a talbe with a window view (it overlooks the bellagio fountains) Very good Italian food, great atmosphere. Although the Cosmo is a bit raucous late at night, the staff is friendly and professional and I'd expect an earlier dinner with children would be fine.
          Another, non-Italian option is Bouchon at the Venetian, paricularly if you can get one of their outdoor tables. Excellent food, great service, and I think would be fine with kids.

        2. I would suggest Sirio @ Aria. It has great high end Italian food, and they should be able to accommodate a table with children.

          My suggestion for families visiting the Strip is to always try to eat on the early side. These places get really busy during peak hours and not all of the guests are as well behaved as they should be.

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            Great tips, especially about eating a bit earlier. Will be helpful with the kids as well. Thanks!

          2. Any comments on Picasso? Thanks

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              We really enjoyed Picasso on our most recent visit to Vegas a few months ago. However, Italian, it's not. The service was excellent and I'm sure your kids would be welcome there, however, having said that, I don't recall seeing any children there when we dined, it's just not type of place.

              I know it's heretic to say this on this board, but we were not blown away by Scarpetta, but we did enjoy B& B in the Venetian which, might be a better fit for your family.

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                I agree with B&B. We had a wonderful meal last time we were there. The atmosphere is somewhat upscale, but I have seen well behaved young children there and it was fine.

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                  Thanks for the suggestion about B&B. I checked their web site and it looks like a great place. Since we'll be staying five nights, we'll have plenty of time to try more than one great place.

                  While I agree that most of the "better" places are not ideally suited for families (i.e., kids), our experience has been that those better places would still be very accomodating and not blink an eye when we showed up with our kids. We usually reserve in advance, and we mention that out of our group of five, three will be kids. In fact, we've found that it could be to our advantage, as they would tuck us away in a quiet section of the restaurant and it made us feel like we had secured the exclusive VIP area. Mind you, they probably just wanted the other diners to enjoy their evenings without the sound of kids. We get it as well...we're respectful of the right for other diners to enjoy their night out without kids interrupting their dining experience, so we do what's necessary as parents to keep the kids occupied for several hours (an unoccupied child is a trouble child) :-)

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                    I really think B&B would be more than accomodating. They are quite a professional establishment.