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May 24, 2013 09:42 AM

Tourist Weekend in Washington DC


For a weekend trip to Washington DC, we're looking for restaurant ideas, 2 adults, lunch and dinner. We'll be coming in by Metro to visit the main tourist areas - - the Smithsonian, Lincoln Memorial, the White House, etc.

Price range - under $150 for dinner for two (and less is always good). $50 or less at lunch.

Type of place - bistro / brasserie is favorite, both type of food and level of formality/informality. (In NYC we often go to Balthazar or Cafe Katya; in Boston, the Eastern Standard.) One is a "no" on Japanese food, the other a "no" on Ethiopian and vegetarian. For what I read here, Birch and Barley sounds like we would like it. A diner that's a bit Southern style would also appeal.

All suggestions and tips welcomed. Thank you!

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  1. My preferred places are Mintwood Place, (share the flammekeuche), Lyon Hall (get the kraut garnie, pickled vegetables, warm pretzels). and Green Pig Bistro. (The snacks, sides, and apps are a cornucopia)

    The last two are near the Clarendon metro stop.

    Check out the menus:

    Near the museums, I just went to Jaleo and had the quail with rosemary sauce, the mini-hamburguesa (made with iberico ham) , patatas bravas, and the spinach with raisins. Highly recommended. Open for lunch.

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      thank you for this - scoping around on Chowhound, I ran across Hank's Oyster Bar, Lincoln, and Central M Richard, which might also be good. And Mintwood et al. definitely look like the kind of thing we'd like - thanks again for your suggestions!

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        Mintwood Place chef used to be at Central. Same cuisine, with MP more casual. Both excellent choices, see which menu interests you more.

        Hank's not chef-driven, good, but no surprises.

        Haven't been to Lincoln.

    2. Where are you staying? The reason I ask is because the recs near Clarendon are good choices but please keep in mind. our metro is suffering much needed track work every weekend. Delays and station closings are common outside the district. The only exception for this summer may be the 4th. Please check

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        I think you are overstating the problem with regards to Clarendon, which had major track work already in January. I head into DC frequently on the Orange, weeknights and weekends. Below is the present advisory about track work. More in the future, I'm sure, but it's rarely enough to derail anyone's plans.

        1. re: Steve

          That's why I asked where they are staying. I live near the Vienna metro. Lately, it's been shut down on weekends to Ballston. It can derail plans if you have tickets to a performance or a restaurant reservation and do not anticipate the delay. I want the original poster to have a wonderful time. I want the poster enjoy the sights, enjoy the food, and not come away disappointed because metro was delayed and plans were ruined.

        2. re: rHairing

          Thank you for this, We're staying in Rockville MD, and coming in by metro.

        3. Check out Central Michel Richard - it's been a while since I've been, but the last time I was there the food was solid and we were easily able to get out the door for under $50 at lunch.