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May 24, 2013 08:54 AM

Tekarra V Cavell - Jasper

Hello Hounds!
The hubby and I are going on a 3-night hike in June and when we emerge from the woods, we will be staying at the JPL. We love the JPL and have massages booked, treats packed for our pup, the whole bit! But, I have only ever heard so-so things about Cavell Dining Room (we've never tried it). This will be a final wonderful meal to splurge on before hubby goes on a tour overseas in Afghanistan. In the past, we have enjoyed meals at Syrah's and Olive Bistro.

My question is - is Cavell's worth the money to enjoy a fine meal here (I like the idea of not having to go anywhere after our massages/cocktails), or should we venture to Tekarra which I have heard so much about? Or is there somewhere else we should try? I have to admit, we loved both Syrah's and Olive's, but it would be nice to try somewhere new also.

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  1. Last summer we stayed at JPL and had dinner at Cavell's. We were disappointed. It is not as formal as it used to be, which is OK, but it really didn't deliver on menu or service. We have been a couple of times to Tekarra, and enjoyed it a lot. All that being said, have not been to either for about a year.

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      Well, we are going to give Tekarra a go. I must say, I'm really looking forward to it and will hopefully happily have a good review to share in a couple weeks' time. :)