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May 24, 2013 08:44 AM

Soft Shelled Crab in Brooklyn

Anyone know of a good place to buy soft shelled crabs? The few places I have seen them, they have been motionless and therefor I presume dead, so I haven't bought them. Thanks for any help!

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  1. Not sure what part you're in, but I always buy mine at Fish Tales on Court Street, usually $6 each and never had anything but good ones

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      Bought a bunch at Fish Tales, two separate times in the past week, and the quality was excellent. Can't imagine getting them better, unless you're buying wholesale for a restaurant with $$$

      ... I cook them very minimally too, as in without a bunch of breading prep. I clean out the "mustard" from underneath the shell (personal preference, sometimes it's fine to keep), I use a screaming hot pan, drop it in jelly side up, just splash a bit of unseasoned oil in there to prevent permanent pan/crab bonding, resist the urge to flip too soon, play with the heat attentively, flip and cook the belly... comes out perfectly crisp, season with sea salt and lemon. Summer anyone? Thinking about soft sell crab pallea for this week...