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May 24, 2013 07:47 AM

Anguilla Dining - Opinions on Hibernia? Flavours? Straw Hat for dinner?

We are on our way back to Anguilla in a couple weeks and I am planning our dining while we are there. Veya is always at the top of our list and Jacala is a close second vying for first. Both have been amazing in the past. Sandbar and Blanchard's Beach Shack are great for our more casual nights. Koal Keel it appears is sadly closed. We are going to skip Blanchard's as the prices do seem to have gone beyond reasonable. So we have a couple more nights free.
Interested in opinions on Hibernia, which shows up first on tripadvisor but gets little buzz here, where I put more faith in the postings.
Also, the newly reopened Flavours at LaVue is getting incredible reviews on TripAdvisor as well but none of them with specifics about the food (oddly) and the menu looks like it would required very careful navigation to put together a meal that was unique and interesting.
Finally, having eaten at StrawHat in the past I was not terribly impressed but it gets mentioned on chowhound again and again. Eating there makes me feel like I am on the patio of a country club. What am I missing? Is it really more for brunch? Do we need to make sure we ask for a table closer to the water?
Please give me the informed opinions I trust chowhound posters for!

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  1. Straw Hat is solid, but won't knock your socks off. I have never tried Hibernia, just because it isn't the type of food or atmosphere that I am lookinf for while on Anguilla.Haveyou considered Tasty's or E's Oven for some "in between" choices?

    1. Its been a long time since we went to Hibernia, but its a fabulous restaurant. Its high end dining. Food presentation is beautiful. Setting up high is spectacular at sunset. Its a pricey place, but I think worth it if you are in the mood for a more formal dining experience.

      1. I love Jacala for lunch for sure..Veya is well loved by my friends.

        I have liked Straw Hat for cocktails. They serve a great Ti Punch. I love Picante. Also love Trattoria Tremonto on Shoal Bay West.

        1. I see that Mangos is missing on your list. Yes it is expensive but no moreso than Blanchards and Hibernia (which is also tres cher).
          Hibernia is an acquired taste for some. The menu is unusual and on the Asian side. However, the chef is creative and different. There is no in between with Hibernia. You either love it or hate it.
          The one place you really ought to try is Dolce Vita in Sandy Ground. A total winner.
          Veya is also quite good and if you go on a Monday, you will have the benefit of listening to Omari.
          Straw Hat is great for lunches.
          Jacala is also another one to try.