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May 24, 2013 06:57 AM

Gift idea for someone that likes to cook?

My brothers b-day is coming up and he is the type of person that has everything. He has recently started getting into cooking so he doesn't have a lot of cookware! He loves to cook soups,stews, with occasional baking of bread or cookies. I want to give him like the best of any type of cookware that you find extremely necessary when in the kitchen. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'd go gift certificate and shop with him. Part of the learning experience is picking out your own cookware and reading the packaging. Make a birthday date out of it!

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      I agree, especially if you have a kitchen shop close by.

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        I agree as well. if that's not an option, for cookware I would go something along the lines of a Staub or Le Creuset stock pot.

        For a non cookware idea I would give him a series of cooking classes. If he just starting out and intro to braising, roasting or a cuisine he likes could be a lot if fun as well as educational.

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          I was also going to suggest the Dutch oven route.

      2. A good sheet pan from Pampered Chef. won't warp.
        Sherry Vinegar
        Pepper Mill

        1. If your brother has already mentioned/hinted what he likes, then you could considering getting those. Cookware can be personal. So you don't want to get someone a carbon steel fry pan when he actuallys want a stainless steel cladded cookware.

          Some safe choices are:

          Cooking utensils
          A good cutting board
          A sharpening stone
          A pressure cooker -- I find that people are less picky about a pressure cooker than a fry pan
          A toaster oven


          1. They're pricey, but a good quality enameled cast iron French Oven is one of the best gifts I've ever received. Le Creuset is usually one of the first choices, but there are others.

            On a more basic level, he might also appreciate a quality saute pan or a really good quality knife (set?). Ouch! I just remembered what the reaction was when I bought my mother a steak knife set years ago. I never knew that knives were considered 'ungiftable' by some people............. so maybe that's not such a good idea.......... though she WAS of a different generation.

            1. A couple of the best chefs knives you can afford.

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                Just ask for a penny for each knife so that they are not gifts. I am sure this is really important, like saying "Rabbit rabbit" first thing each month or tossing spilled salt over your left shoulder!