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May 23, 2013 11:02 PM

Redwood Trails Gift Store, somewhere between Trinidad & Orick on Hwy 101 (Northern Calif) - blackberry pie!! Any reports?

On an old episode of Calif Gold Huell Howser went up north on Hwy 101 & stopped when he saw a bunch of Roosevelt Elk. That was neat, but then the owners mentioned that they made homemade blackberry pie in the red barn! Huell then went inside to get some blackberry pie a la mode I'm guessing & the show was over!

The owner also mentioned buffalo & elk so I'm guessing burgers that he buys elsewhere, not from the Roosevelt Elk outside.

Redwood Trails Gift Store
Somewhere between Trinidad & Orick, CA
right off Hwy 101 in Ca. Northern Coast
Look for Roosevelt Elk & the big red barn

Any hounds been there?

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  1. NO, but keep hoping Rolf or his sons will reappear somewhere along that road!!