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May 23, 2013 10:27 PM

Chow-worthy daytrip destination for pescatarian and dog?

My mom is coming to visit. I haven't been outside of Van very much..can you recommend a really nice setting with a really chow-worthy destination for us? We are pescatarians and I'll have my dog with it should have an outdoor eating area, have a convenient/safe place to tie her up outside. Even an incredible bakery in a really nice setting would work. Thanks.

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  1. Go Fish at the fishermans wharf just outside of Granville Island.
    Or just grab some items at the market and find a nice spot outside if the weather is nice.

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    1. re: jmil

      Thanks. Looking for a trip outside of van though.

    2. Steveston maybe? Fish and chips at Pajo's is pretty decent I think. Lots of places to wander around outside.

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      1. re: jerkstore

        I was thinking the same. Nice spot to take Mom around.

        This local Tourism Richmond-sponsored food blog will give you all there is to know about Richmond eateries etc

        Unfortunately the site doesn't have a geographic index you can search by on the right of the page, but if you typed "Steveston" in the search tool you'll get all that have been reviewed.

        1. re: LotusRapper

          I like Chungs Fish and Chips just across the river from Steveston. You could get some take out there and drive back to Steveston in about 10 min. We did that and the F/C was still nice and hot.

          By the way the side provided by Lotusrapper reviews several bakeries in Steveston worth checking.

          1. re: Philx

            That Chung's looks really good. Thanks Philx.

        2. re: jerkstore

          Yeah that was a possibility in my head I'd heard about. Anything up around Squamish or East to Hope that would be good?

          1. re: 1newyorkguy

            Sunflower Cafe in Squamish might suit-the soup is always vegetarian, you can sit outside, the food is great the setting lovely-it's a classic BC bakery/cafe.


            1. re: Sam Salmon

              thanks for the you think dogs are allowed at the squamish farmers market?

              1. re: 1newyorkguy

                I have petted many a dog @ that market and hope to pet many more this year-All Are Welcome!

                1. re: Sam Salmon

                  haha sweet...hope for some sunshine tomorrow!

              1. re: LotusRapper

                Sushi Sen is where I would go in Squamish but they are/were closed for renos per their website so you might want to call before you make plans (which I realize you probably will anyway because of the pooch).

          2. The original comment has been removed