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May 23, 2013 05:12 PM

The Aviary - any thoughts????

Got a reservation for the Aviary. Is it really worth it for the experience??

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  1. Yes. I highly recommend the tasting menu.

    1. Yes. Personally, I would want to try the food too now that Andrew Brochu is in the kitchen

      1. I thought the drinks were fine but not exceptional - a lot of show. The bites were mediocre for the price (we did the Chef's tasting). I also thought the decor lacking. Would not return.

        1. I love Aviary but it is pricey. Really cool, modern, creative cocktails that often taste great in addition to looking interesting. Friendly staff and management. The food ("bites") also were excellent, but pricey; it will be interesting to see what additions Chef Brochu makes to the menu now that he is in charge of the food aspect of Aviary. So long as you realize you will be paying a premium for what you receive and that it can be a bit of a scene at times, I definitely recommend the Aviary. I have had several really enjoyable evenings there.