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May 23, 2013 05:11 PM

Where can I find local, natural beef in the South Bay?

Where can I find local, natural beef in the South Bay?

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  1. whole foods actually, is an easy source.

    1. Not exactly South Bay, but Peninsula/Coastside. I just heard of this farm recently.

      They have a CSA with a pickup location in Woodside (southernmost location) among others, and they sell at various farmer's markets, and deliver within San Mateo county.

      1. Thanks for the replies.

        I actually meant to ask about other places then Wholefoods. I think their beef is a bit too pricey and inconsistent in terms of quality.

        Found this place on yelp, that has a type of beef called piedmontese....sounds interesting.

        Speaking of CSA's, I saw this one but not looking to buy that much beef and would prefer it not frozen.

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        1. re: bayarea_longhorn

          The extremely low fat in that beef makes me dubious about the flavor.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I think I have purchased Piedmontese rib eye from Cafe Rouge. I think it had a lot of flavor. It was a while ago.

            1. re: wally

              I think I asked the butcher at Cafe Rouge about the Piemontese beef and it was from a local rancher.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                At the time, I was told it was the breed of beef, don't remember the grower and I had never heard of it, but gave it a try. My father raised Charolais and Hereford and I have tried out other breeds.

                1. re: wally

                  Wow, Charolais--great beef! I wonder why it's not more common over here. Is there any of it available in the Bay Area?

                  I'm willing to sacrifice a fair bit of tenderness for more flavor. Too often, prime steak just slides past my tongue as velvety mush and I end up eating more of it than I should--I think it's in order to meet some kind of subconscious flavor quota.

                  1. re: pilinut

                    This was a while ago,(70's or maybe somewhat earlier) and while the beef was excellent, the Charolais and Hereford crosses were given names like Pinky and most of the ranchers in the area did not like the way the Charolais looked in general.

                    1. re: wally

                      I had remembered seeing some signage for Charolais cattle somewhere around Gilroy. Googling turned up Bianchi Charolais, looks like they focus on raising bulls for breeding. In any case, hope this brings back some good memories.

                      1. re: Melanie Wong

                        Thanks so much. It's been a long time. It is very good beef.

                  2. re: wally

                    Thought of you when I heard about Charolais from a ranch in Contra Costa County,

            2. re: bayarea_longhorn

              I'll be very interested in hearing what you think of the Piedmontese beef. A friend recently told me that a Piedmontese steak she'd had in Oklahoma visiting family was the best she's tasted.

              1. re: bayarea_longhorn

                4505 Meats in SF has an excellent meat CSA that delivers to the South Bay.

                I've belonged to a few and this one is by far my favorite because most of the cuts are usable. We joined one where we were wasting a lot of meat because the cuts weren't practical for us. The other nice thing is the meat is fresh and not frozen when delivered.

              2. New Leaf Markets started in the Santa Cruz area but now have a location in the Evergreen area of San Jose and another opening up in Pleasanton.

                Read about the beef they carry here:


                1. None of this is local, but Japanese markets tend to carry good quality beef, whether it's USDA Prime, "Kobe" or actual wagyu.

                  The problem is that if you're looking for traditional cuts, you may be out of luck.

                  But if you peek at Nijiya (Mountain View, avoid the SJ location) or Mitsuwa in San Jose, you may like what you see.