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May 23, 2013 05:03 PM

New Brunswick Hungarian Festival

Has anybody gone to this before? What's the food like?

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  1. I have never been because I always hear about it after the fact! So thanks for the heads up.

    I can remember when there were several Hungarian restaurants - and a wonderful bakery - in the New Brunswick area. All gone now.

    1. Went once tagging along with boyfriend & his Hungarian friend so they could get this certain sandwich - porkchop & sauerkraut on rye. You have to buy tickets for your food first. Lines for both tickets and food are pretty long and slow.

      1. The food is basic Hungarian .... chicken paprikash , kolbas and sauerkraut , palacinka ( Hungarian crepes _ Some of the food is served outdoors while the Hungarian Sporting Club serves indoors but seating is difficult . One of the churches also serves indoors . There is an excellent Hungarian Deli on the corner of Oak and Somerset , west of the main festival activity .... lots of good things but the place is set back from the corner and not easy to see till you're on top of it .
        The Festival is usually the first Saturday in June and the weather can be HOT !!

        If you want a good Hungarian restaurant try Barbara's Hungarian Kitchen in Ewing ... it's in the Marazzo Shopping Center on Parkway Ave about three or four miles north of Rte 1 .

        1. The Hungarian butcher/deli on Somerset& Oak is gone...closed some months back. It is now a Latino store.

          The festival itself has scaled back in recent years but still well worth it for the food...kolbasz, palacsinta, langos (a kind of Hungarian "fry bread"), and the pork & sauerkraut sandwiches mentioned by Jerzeegirl (look for "pecsenye")

          There's still some Hungarian population on New Brunfuss, and stlll one Hunky deli/butcher...but it's a far cry from the days when it was said (in all seriousness) that there were more Magyars in New Brunswick and Perth Amboy than in Budapest.

          In any case, do check out the festival and the food offerings next week.
          Eventually, it will go the way of the world, and be no more


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            Ah, so that's how you spell pecsenye. That's the only thing my boyfriend & his friend would go for & it HAD to be from this one church or they wouldn't get one, which is what usually happened because by the time we got there, that particular church had sold out of them. The Professor is right, they really have scaled back on the festival, but worth checking out anyway.

          2. I go every year. I actually think its picking up in the last few years. More vendors, more performances and bigger variety of foods. Pesceny, kolbasz, plum dumplings, gulyas, chicken paprikas, porkolt, langos, pastries, you name it. Yeah, some lines may be long, but with so many places to eat you can get in and out. Personally, I think some of the cooking is at home-cooked as you can get outside of Hungary. I wouldn't miss it.

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            1. re: Craigbacsi

              I just got back from the fest. I was surprised at how well attended it was, and there seemed to be quite a few more vendors than the last time I attended.
              The food was, as always, awsome...with some interesting offerings I hadn't seen is years past.