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May 23, 2013 05:03 PM

Parents Coming for the Weekend

My parents are coming to visit for the weekend and I could use a couple of recs. They've been to DC before and we've been to Proof, Jaleo, Montmarte, Sonoma and a couple others.

Saturday night we're going to twelfth night at the Folger so I want to stay in the area. Was thinking about Chesapeake Room or Hank's Oyster Bar but have read some good things about Bistro Bis.

Sunday has been a little more difficult because Rasika isn't open on Sundays (i'm hoping to go saturday for lunch). I'm looking for something in the $20-$30 entree price range because I don't want to feel so guilty that I end up offering to pay the bill. They're pretty adventurous although my mom doesn't think my dad is open-minded enough for Ethiopian. We're also looking to stay downtown-ish (think south of rock creek park and south of U st.) because I'd like to walk around some of the monuments at night with them while also accounting for the fact that they fly out Sunday morning.

Thanks in advance for the recommendations.

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  1. For the Hill, I'd recommend NInella -- a newish Italian place off Stanton Park. I've only been once, enjoyed the lasagna and the ambience.

    For Sunday dinner, I'd recommend the Izakaya Seki or Daikaya. Zaytinya is always a safe bet too.

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    1. re: eatdceat

      I didn't know they'd finally replaced that bad place, (park cafe?). I'm definitely going to have to check out Ninella even if it's not the weekend my parents are in town. Thanks for mentioning it.

      1. re: eatdceat

        Ninella is actually off of LIncoln Park, not Stanton Park. Stanton Park is several blocks south.

        Ninella address: 106 13th St. SE.

      2. For Sunday dinner, how about Cava Mezze?

        1. On Saturday night Hank's is a good choice. I would also recommend Cava and Zest. I've also been hearing really good things about Ambar.

          For Sunday how about Central, Mintwood Place, Birch and Barley or Lincoln?

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          1. re: Elyssa

            I've heard about Ambar. Have to check it out. I've never had Serbian cuisine before.

            I looked at Birch and Barley and it has a different Sunday night menu where it's basically the brunch menu and they add some dinner options. That's the only thing that caused me to pause.

            1. re: beancf6

              That's right about Birch and Barley---I forgot. I tried to make a Sunday reservation from when my parents were in town once and had the same problem.

          2. DGS. Must reserve, hard to get into at night. Excellent overall, do not miss the chopped liver appetizer. Gentle prices, high quality, expanded menu at dinner.


            1. beancf6@ I advice getting reservations ASAP or going very early. Memorial Day Weekend DC will be packed with people here for Rolling Thunder.

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              1. re: agarnett100

                Not going this weekend but the weekend after.

                Right now I'm leaning towards Hank's or cava mezze for saturday.

                Sunday is difficult because so many things are closed. Elyssa mentioned Central but it's closed on Sunday too.

                1. re: beancf6

                  Cava has expanded so much. How many locations do they have now? The Arlington location was not good at all when I went there. Especially here in Northern Virginia, can't hold a candle to the Lebanese places. But I suppose it is convenient on the Hill.......