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May 23, 2013 04:52 PM

La Petite Mangue

My wife and I found a very good new Cambodian restaurant at 300 Mont-Royal East. I don't know of any other Cambodian places on the island, but it's very similar to Thai food, and I like this place better than any of the Thai places I've been to in Montreal. We had the salad rolls with mango, fresh mint and peanut sauce (they also have them with chicken and shrimp) and a couple of mains that were both in a fantastic garlicky brown sauce. I think they just opened recently and they're trying to build some momentum. It's definitely worth checking out if your near Metro Mont-Royal and in the mood for Asian food. I know I'll be going back soon. They have a table d'hote for $18.95 at dinner with soup, appetizer, steamed rice and a plat principal. Lunch specials are $11.95.

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  1. Thanks! We had been discussing it at Openings in 2013, but I don't believe anyone had actually been there yet. That is a good value if the food is good, and it is a byow.

    1. I went there last week with my girlfriend. We had a really nice time, the food was great. If you like fish try the amok, it's very authentic to Cambodia and it tastes great! The fried ice cream is really special too!

      1. I went with my family yesterday after noticing it in the Openings thread. We enjoyed it although didn't realize it was byow but the water offered was good. Everyone kept asking the waiter if the water was okay because of the boil water advisory - he must have gotten tired of it. We had the chicken curry which was very light and my kids loved the sauce, kept spooning it onto their rice. We also had Dad's favourite caramalized Pork which was very hearty and almost like a beef stew in flavour. Both dishes were a bit heavy handed with bamboo shoots so I'd probably try the fish next time. The mango salad was thickly chopped as mentioned in Susan Musgrave's review, very lightly seasoned, and we all enjoyed it. The flavours were new but not all that startling ... I wonder how many Vietnamese or Thai places in town actually have Cambodian chefs?

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          Quite a few I think. Also some Chinese restaurants like Tong Por. It's mentionned in the review but off island there are many Cambodian restos. Check out restomontreal for full listings.

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            I live on the fringe of Griffintown, and about three or four years ago there was a short-lived Cambodian restaurant almost directly across the street from me on Notre-Dame W. between de la Montagne and Guy.

            It seemed like it was never open (very weird hours and days of operation), then it was closed for six weeks holiday around Christmas. I don't think it ever reopened after that, and I certainly never got to try it.

            It did get a rave review in The Gazette and I remember the review mentioned it was a branch of a resto the family owned in Sorel, of all places. I wonder if La Petite Mangue is owned by the same Sorel family and if this is another attempt to penetrate the Montreal market?

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              There is a Cambodian restaurant in VSL called Asie Moderne. It advertises Thai, Vietnamese, Laotian and Cambodian cuisine but online reviews/info seem to indicate mostly Cambodia. It's always full whenever I pass by. I'll try to get a menu or better yet, check it out. It's on Poirier across from Paris Pho.

          2. There's a current deal for this restaurant on TeamBuy: $19 buys $40 worth of food (taxes excluded).

            I am not affiliated with this company nor am I endorsing them. I have bought a couple of TeamBuy discount coupons for other restos but have not used them yet, so I have no idea how easy these discounts are to use. Sometimes when you show up expecting these discounts the restaurant balks or claims they are not valid.

            Unlike other group buy organizations, TeamBuy promises to refund the purchase price of the coupons if the resatuarant goes out of business before the expiration date, and they also promise the restaurant will honour the face value of the coupon (the $19) even after the expiration date.

            And if you refer others you get a small commission added to your account. Here's the link to La Petite Mangue deal:



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              We used to have a dedicated coupon thread? I've used many in the past and never had any problems. They are useful when trying new places. The only one I ever had to get refunded was for some frozen meat seller that was too expensive once you read the terms, but that was easy to organize too.

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                > We used to have a dedicated coupon thread?

                Yup, here:


                It would be good if we could continue to use it - I realize some newer folks may not know of its existence.

            2. As a newbie here I certainly don't want to argue, but wouldn't it be more relevant to post details of a deal if that deal is for for a restaurant that has its own dedicated thread, especially if that thread is current?

              As a denizen of many other discussion groups I want to follow the house rules and don't want to ruffle any feathers. I simply thought my post was helpful to people discussing this new restaurant, since it's a timely offer and the discussion is still active. It wasn't just a random post about a deal that I saw--it was directly relevant to this thread.

              In the future I'll post on the other thread, if that's what the rules dictate.

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                i agree. this discussion board is full of rules that make sense for about an entire second before the thread disappears to the ether forever.