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May 23, 2013 04:40 PM

Vacuum Sealing and Pine Nuts?

I'm thinking the best way to keep my pine nuts fresh might be to vacuum-seal them in the smallish quantities that I use for making pesto every so often. But I wonder: would my FoodSaver create enough vacuum to crush the pine nuts?

Wouldn't want them crushed in the event I wish down the road to toast them.

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  1. Have you tried freezing? I buy the 24oz bag at Costco and store them in the freezer in a ziplock freezer bag. I've never had any off flavors develop.

    1. I don't have a vacuum sealer but I buy the small ziplock plastic bags (the kind the fits small candies beautifully) and create about 40 bags out of the original package and double seal those in one large ziplock and freeze the entire thing. Then I pull out one bag at a time for use.

      I'd go freezer method too.

      1. My food saver has a "manual" mode. In the manual mode, I can vacuum seal fresh bread without any damage (crushing) to the bread.

        1. My Foodsaver is a yard sale find... NOT the latest/greatest, but does work great. Have also found MANY of their cannisters and an attachment for wide-mouth Mason jars. Rings not needed, just the lid... ONLY for dry stuff... like rice, small pasta, dried beans, etc. Lid can be gently popped off and used MANY times.