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May 23, 2013 03:41 PM

Organic Restaurants?

Any recommendations for restaurants that use organic ingredients or farm to table? We'll be staying in Lincoln Park for 4 days/5 nights and we'll have our 1.5 yr old son with us. Thank you!

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  1. Perennial VIrant is a great spot that sources locally.

    1. North Pond is also excellent for its use of local and seasonal ingredients. And Chef Bruce Sherman is a supporter of Green City Market.

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        I forgot to mention - both Perennial Virant and North Pond are in the Lincoln Park neighborhood where you're staying. Well, technically, North Pond is in the park itself, whereas Perennial Virant is in the neighborhood, across the street from the park. :)

        North Pond is an upscale, chef-driven, somewhat expensive restaurant. Perennial Virant is also chef-driven but more casual, and its small plates format is not as expensive as North Pond.

      2. Lots of local restaurants do. Many even post the names of the local farms that source their food. Good suggestions already made. Here are a few others:
        The Bristol.

          1. Prasino on happening Division St in Wicker Park is good and family friendly. Nice outdoor seating for people watching as well.