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May 23, 2013 02:35 PM

Caputo flour or king arthur's pizza flour...?

which flour do you prefer? And what experiences do you have with these types of flour? Learning to make pizza at home, just bought a pizza stone from surla table, and looking forward to recreate some great pies.

As i am a very beginner, any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.

(***recipes will be from American Pie***)

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  1. I use King Arthur bread flour. I wouldn't worry about the flour too much at this point in your pie making career.

    1. Caputo 00 flours are supposed to perform best in high temp (700-900 degree+) environments. This is not something I've tested, for lack of high temp. equipment, but the word is that Caputo won't brown well at lower temps.

      I second kengk on using KA Bread Flour, which has higher protein than the KA All-Purpose, which itself already has a slightly higher protein level than most AP flours.

      Much also depends on what kind of pizza you're after. AP flour would be fine for pan pizzas, for example.

      If by "King Arthur pizza flour" you mean their 00 variety, then I wouldn't bother with it unless you want a kind of cracker-crust style of thin-crust pizza. Italian thin crusts are not "cracker-like," but chewy. For some reason, King Arthur (which I usually love) makes a low-protein 00 flour instead of the higher-protein 00 that Caputo and other Italian pizza makers use.

      00 is about the fineness of milling, not about protein level--just to clarify.

      1. Regular old King Arthur Bread Flour is all you need.

        1. I use Caputo in my wood fired pizza oven, but even then, I mix in a bit of AP flour or semolina for structure.

          In my opinion, temps under 700 does fine with good quality AP.

          The secret to great crust is in the hydration level and quality fermentation time, not the flour grade.