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May 23, 2013 01:17 PM

Need help for lunch and dinner this weekend!


We're heading to the LA area this weekend and I need adivce for two meals: 1) lunches near either Venice or Manhattan Beach (we were thinking sandwiches, maybe a deli?, but we're open) and 2) Casual dinner somewhat near the Home Depot Stadium (we're going to a game Sunday night). We will have two 12 year old girls with us, so we're looking for something casual and affordable. Also, what's the best place for coffee? For context, we love Philz in SF. If there's already a thread for this, my apologies but please direct me there if you have a moment.

Any advice would be appreciated!!

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  1. Gjelina or Gjelina Take Away in Venice.

    1. Lemonade in Venice is very good for lunch.

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        Agree on JAB's and PeterCC's recs - Lemonade more so if little ones are in tow. Enter parking through alley off Venice Blvd - they validate.

        Coffee can be had at Zinque across the street on the corner at Venice/Abbot Kinney, Gjelina Take Away (GTA), Intelligentsia (be aware of lines here), 3 Square Cafe/Bakery - all on Abbot Kinney. French friends/coffee snobs like Zinque and GTA the best. None seem to be a match for Philz's profile, but Gjelina Take Away will offer a small amount of baked goods - they are very very good on most days.

        Don't know about eats in Carson, but you'll be in the southern portion of the South Bay. Torrance and Gardena are close by - lots of Japanese food options, some Hawaiian and Korean, a good smattering of other foods. Don't know your budget but Japanese can range from relatively reasonable to pretty expensive on a normal budget's bell curve. The strip mall on the corner of Redondo Beach Blvd and Western Ave has lots of food options - almost all reasonably priced - probably around $10-12 per adult on average. Kotohira for udon/set plate combos; Dumpling House for very good Northern Chinese; Lee's Tofu for soon tofu; Boiling Point for Chinese hot pot. Bob's is on Western for Hawaiian. Lomita has some good choices as well - we like Kotosh in Lomita for Peruvian. If the girls are behaving themselves, treat them to Chantilly's cream puffs across the street.

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          Thanks for the recommendations and the parking tip! I really appreciate it.

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            Feel free to throw more info at us - likes, dislikes, prices, etc. More info will hopefully lead us to give you more concise and effective recs.

            The Santa Monica/Venice area is vastly different from Carson and most of the South Bay. The Abbot Kinney area where all of the Venice recs are located is extremely popular right now - eating can get pricey; shopping even more so. But the food/coffee recs are good IMHO.

            The South Bay area can be much easier on the budget but it's a matter of what one likes.

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              Thanks for thinking of our wallets! I know it will get a little pricey, but we're only in town for two days so I think we'll be fine in the Santa Monica/Venice area. I'm a little more concerned about where to eat before the soccer game. My husband and I love Japanese food, but I don't think our daughter and friend will go for that. They're more into mac&cheese, pizza, grilled cheese, and cupcakes...

      2. Perhaps the best sandwich I've ever had is from an Italian deli called Bay Cities Deli in Santa Monica. Unfortunately, lots of other people agree and it is very busy. However, go on google and find their website. You can order your sandwiches online, tell them what time you want to pick them up and then drive over there and pick them up. Santa Monica is right next to Venice. Try the Godmother sandwich, the Caprese or the meatball.

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        1. The last time I went to match at the Home Depot Center, we went to La Huasteca.

          1. Hinano Burger TO GO and eat on the beach in venice (only over 21 allowed)


            Umami in Santa Monica

            classic burgers: you can also call in to Bay Cities and pick it up for the beach