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May 23, 2013 12:15 PM

Lunch between Louis Armstrong House and Museum of the Moving Image

I plan to visit the Louis Armstrong House Museum (34-56 107th Street Corona NY) and The Museum of the Moving Image (36-01 35th Ave Astoria NY) probably on Thursday, June 13.

These two museums seem to be around 3 miles apart. Can you please recommend a great place for lunch while going from one to the other?

Thank you....

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  1. The Louis Armstrong House is near Torterilla Nixtamal, which might be of interest if you like Mexican food, tamales, etc.

    But the variety of cuisines available along the 7 train is so vast, it's hard to know what you'd like. You could ride the train a few stops back to (or start in) Flushing for amazing Chinese food. And on the ride from Corona to Astoria is NYC's best Thai food, like Ayada or Sripraphai.

    Along the 7, you could find great Equadorian, Bangladeshi, Salvadorean, Tibetan, Turkish....

    But, you could also spend a little more time in Astoria. There isn't much of culinary interest right near the museum at lunch time (mostly chains like Five Napkin Burger and Applebees). But if you ventured up a few blocks, you could could avail yourself of Astoria's tremendous variety, from terrific Greek seafood (like the popular Taverna Kyclades), to hip grilled cheese with high-fallutin' coffee and beer at Queens Kickshaw. You could do a search for Astoria to find extensive discussion of what's on offer -- it would be easy enough to eat lunch at Ditmars or 30th Ave and make it to the Museum of the Moving Image within 15 minutes.

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      Thank you, B for the suggestions! I'll come back and let you know what I chose.

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        I'm back. I got caught in a terrible rain storm that day and ended up having lunch at The Cafe at The Museum of the Moving Image.

        Thanks for the suggestions. Maybe they will help others.