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May 23, 2013 12:01 PM

Amis - dinner or brunch?

I've never eaten at Amis, have eaten once at Osteria.
But mom was in town a few weeks ago, had brunch at Amis, loved it, and wants to treat us to a meal there. So, which is better there?

We liked Osteria quite a bit, but haven't been been back in part because of the prices and in part because it's a bit far for us to drive but w/out being close to Regional Rail.

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  1. I haven't tried the brunch at Amis but dinner there was pretty good and they had some decent desserts.

    1. We've never had brunch at Amis but have had dinner quite a few times. We normally order 2 or 3 appetizers and 2 pastas and leave it at that. We did have a fish entree once -- but we love their apps and pastas so much (even more so at Osteria) that mostly we don't order an entree and have ice cream at home for dessert.

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        I really agree with you Beaulah on how to order at Amis with one caveat. They do a salted butter semi freddo which whatever they pair it with is divine.. worth indulging in at least once.

      2. Brunch is fine, but I recommend dinner.

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        1. re: deprofundis

          we wound up having dinner there, which was excellent.
          i liked it much more than osteria, fwiw.

            1. re: cwdonald

              my favorite dish was the bucatini w/ jalapeno and almond's favorite dish was the scallop crudo (which may be a play on blinis w/caviar?).
              we also got the salumi plate. i'm forgetting the other things... maybe the brussel sprouts? none of the main dishes.
              for dessert we got the "sbrisolna and blueberry marmalade tart with salted butter semifreddo" - which was good, though I do find the superfluosly obscure italian word approach annoying - it was a blueberry tart, 'sbisolna' didn't change anything.

              overall, i liked everything, it's the pasta that's really making me want to go back.

              1. re: Bob Loblaw

                I agree - Amis is better than Osteria (but I love the pizzas at Osteria). Even though the food at Osteria is more "fancy," for some reason it usually doesn't live up to the descriptions.

                The fried lamb ribs at Amis are incredible - you need to go back and try those. You can't miss with any of the pastas either.

                1. re: deprofundis

                  The best things at Osteria are the pizza, their anti pasto (especially the veggie anti pasto plate) and some of the pasta. I do not like any of the entrees at either of the restaurant, and generally find the desserts at Osteria better. I do not find anything that makes Osteria more fancy. I think they just have different emphases. My biggest gripe with Amis is they do not offer half portions of their pasta the way Osteria does, but they may not do the volume to be able to do so.