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May 23, 2013 11:48 AM

Memorial Day Weekend Plans?

The Wife is hankerin' for Bludso's. I'm thinking of topping it off with a banana cream pie from The Apple Pan. What's on the list for you?

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  1. Due for a trip to Brent's Northridge.

    1. Some friends are coming over on Saturday for dinner, a couple and their teen age kids -- so nothing too exotic. Any suggestions on what to cook, BBQ, etc? I'm running out of ideas. I've done too many pastas, BBQ ribs, pizza on a stone on the BBQ, steaks burgers and chicken on the BBQ, blah, blah, blah.

      1. Langer's to go? A few pounds of their pastrami with a loaf of that crazy good rye? Have friends bring the sides/dessert?

        1. -oto oto izakaya, monrovia
          -revisit "the varnish" downtown

          -start going through my singapore cookbook(s)
          ... most likely starting with soups and meats

          will add more things to do tonight

          also need to look for hk/canto cookbooks.. anyone know where there's a decent selection?

          1. ArcLight for Star Trek and then Eveleigh for dinner.