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401 Diner/Nirvana

Has anyone dined here yet since the change of cuisine and ownership?

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  1. And correct me if I am wrong the new owners are the people that used to run Amans in East Norriton (and someone recently commented on how it changed since the change of ownership.)

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    1. oh... didn't know the place changed hands! boo!

      1. Here's a link to the Philly Eater article about the change in ownership. it says they are doing a modern take on Indian cuisine, but it looks very similar to the menus in other Indian restaurants. No mention in the menu of the diner food they are serving during the day...


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            Such a disappointment, as I used to be a semi-regular there for breakfast for a steady 2-3 month period (every Sunday with my family last summer). Once I heard the news of the change of ownership/cuisine and not including the breakfast menu with their change, I knew it was over. Time to find a new breakfast spot.....

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              They still serve American breakfast and lunch everyday.

          2. Not knowing the history of this place or Aman's... why so much negativity towards even trying the new joint?

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              Aman's had some ups and downs - mostly downs lately...

              I think it changed hands a couple times, perhaps? The previous owners who did a really good job now own an Amans in chalfont and are opening another in Phoenixville.

              regarding 401 ... http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/807320
              I don't know they ever lived up to the expectations.

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                Juju I believe that this is also the same owners as Chalfont, but I could be mistaken.

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                  it could be, I'm all confused! :-D

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                    The owners of 401 are not the same owners of the Aman's Bistro in Chalfont. The Chalfont owners sold Aman's Norriton to the current 401 owners who then sold Aman's to another owner and then they bought 401. Confusing but the food will tell the tale.

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                      Thanks for the clarification. That was very helpful. It does explain the up and down quality that people have mentioned with regard to Aman's in East Norriton.

                1. Used to be a solid lunch spot under the prior ownership, however, with the new ownership, the SAME meal I got some 3 weeks prior was about as poor as you could expect. The 'closed melt' of tuna on multi-grain bread with nearly unmelted cheese and soggy bread, the sweet potato fries that were raw, sent back, then returned at almost the same doneness and our group's meals coming out with long pauses between them, it was incredibly disappointing. It turned most of my dining companions off enough to 'never go back', but I'll try the Indian food at some point. As for the diner, I think that ship has sailed. It's tough to maintain 2 identities and execute then well...