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Corn on Pizza??

PotatoHouse May 23, 2013 08:37 AM

I just finished downloadeing a BUTTLOAD of food wallpaper pics from a website and the majority of pics of pizza had kernel corn on them. Is this some new trend of which I am unaware? do any of you eat corn on your pizza?

  1. grampart May 23, 2013 08:42 AM

    I never have, but want to try it as an additional topping to my red bliss potato white pizza. I'll probably slice the kernels off some leftover grilled "on the cob".

    1. h
      HillJ May 23, 2013 08:44 AM

      Oh sure, it's very good on pizza. When we have grilled pizza I grill fresh corn on the cob alongside the dough and then cut the kernels off with all that nice char and add it as a topping before serving.

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      1. re: HillJ
        HillJ May 23, 2013 03:44 PM

        I didn't know this was unusual or specific to any particular type of pizza enjoyment. I had the topping grilled on a pizza in CA years ago and started making it that way at home during NJ corn season.

      2. linguafood May 23, 2013 10:37 AM

        One of my favorite toppings, in fact.

        When I used to deliver pizza, my post-shift treat would be a pizza -- one half topped with ham, spinach & mushrooms, one half topped with tuna, corn & onion.

        Awesomeness. It's clearly not an American thing, but why would I care.

        1. PattiCakes May 23, 2013 01:22 PM

          Slightly askew of the topic, but I have a dear friend who makes her tuna salad with corn. She had it served to her that way in Ireland, thought it was odd at first, but now loves it. So does virtually everyone else to whom she has served it! I bet it would be spectacular with roasted sweet corn!

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          1. re: PattiCakes
            paulj May 24, 2013 11:35 PM

            I just saw that version of tuna salad in "Real Irish Food" by David Bowers. Simply can of tuna, mayo and some canned corn.

            1. re: PattiCakes
              stilldontknow May 27, 2013 02:09 AM

              Tuna, sweetcorn and mayo have been a British sandwich staple for the last few decades.

            2. boogiebaby May 23, 2013 02:12 PM

              It's a popular pizza topping in parts of Asia. I've had it like that in Singapore, Malaysia and India. I wish more places offered it here in the US.

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              1. re: boogiebaby
                Tripeler May 23, 2013 03:30 PM

                Corn on pizza is very popular in Japan, and I wouldn't be surprised if it originated here. Among expats in Japan, a joking expression is "I'll have a corn and squid pizza and a bottle of sweat." The sweat is, of course, the sports drink Pokari Sweat.

                1. re: Tripeler
                  tastesgoodwhatisit May 24, 2013 10:53 PM

                  Also popular in Taiwan.

                2. re: boogiebaby
                  luckyfatima May 25, 2013 08:47 AM

                  Yes I have seen it in India as "sweetcorn." Also common in Dubai because of the high South Asian population.

                3. juliejulez May 23, 2013 02:56 PM

                  I've never had it but now that I think about it, I think it would be very good on certain pizzas, like a BBQ chicken pizza.

                  1. kaleokahu May 23, 2013 03:24 PM

                    Hi, PH:

                    No, I don't think it's a new trend. But I think you will find it used more on pies with a non-Italian ethnic spin. There used to be a place just off the Stanford campus that offered "Cuban-style pizza" with corn in the topping. The first time I tasted it, I thought it was weird, but I came to like it very much.

                    I think corn would be a good topping on all pizza actually.


                    1. Mr Taster May 23, 2013 03:34 PM

                      I became aware of corn on pizza in 1993 when I read "Dave Barry Does Japan". For an 18 year old who was curious about the world but hadn't yet traveled, this book was about the greatest thing I could have gotten my hands around.


                      Mr Taster

                      1. k
                        Kalivs May 23, 2013 03:36 PM

                        You know, it's very common on pizzas in England. My cousins favorite pizza is corn, Serrano chilis and tuna. It doesn't taste as bad as it sounds

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                        1. re: Kalivs
                          The Professor May 23, 2013 04:06 PM

                          Actually, that sounds very good.

                        2. The Professor May 23, 2013 04:05 PM

                          I've never had it, but I'll never say never.
                          I draw the line at pineapple on pizza though. No. Just...no.

                          1. meatn3 May 25, 2013 12:36 AM

                            When I was in Japan 15 years ago corn was automatically put on the pizza regardless of toppings ordered.

                            Initially I thought it strange but the flavor works!

                            1. gingershelley May 25, 2013 08:59 AM

                              Common to see corn on pizza in France and Japan apparently

                              1. r
                                rasputina May 25, 2013 04:33 PM

                                Yuck, I have no desire to eat corn on pizza. I'm not a fan of cooked corn anyway. Raw it's wonderful though.

                                1. j
                                  jbsiegel May 25, 2013 05:11 PM

                                  Never had it, but it sounds really good. We love any kind of roasted/grilled corn, so this fits right in.

                                  ...actually, when I think about it, corn is good with just about anything!! :-)

                                  1. t
                                    tonifi May 25, 2013 05:17 PM

                                    I'm with Kalivs. When I lived in England back in the day, 'sweet corn' and 'sardines' were both really common ingredients on pizza. I haven't done it here, but I can see a tomato, corn kernel, and bacon pizza in my future...

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                                    1. re: tonifi
                                      jbsiegel May 25, 2013 05:50 PM

                                      I'm thinking some kind of "New England Chowder" pizza - white sauce, clams, corn, potatoes, etc.

                                    2. c
                                      cresyd May 27, 2013 02:06 AM

                                      It's very popular/mainstream for pizza in Israel. I've never been able to make myself try it because I find the visual jarring.

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                                      1. re: cresyd
                                        cheesecake17 May 30, 2013 07:14 PM

                                        I love how Israeli pizza = corn.
                                        Last time I was in Israel we kept ordering pizza delivery just to get a pie with corn on top!

                                        1. re: cheesecake17
                                          cresyd May 31, 2013 08:29 AM

                                          Uff.......yeah, I've been living in Jerusalem for 5 years and have yet to try it. I know it's very popular and I'm not a pizza snob by a long shot., but I just can't go there!

                                          1. re: cresyd
                                            cheesecake17 Jun 3, 2013 10:43 AM

                                            Try it!!!! I'm not gonna say its "awesome" but it's definitely part of the Israeli experience

                                      2. s
                                        shoo bee doo May 30, 2013 06:30 PM

                                        It's popular in Slovenia also. It's also part of their salad bars there.

                                        1. s
                                          sandylc May 30, 2013 06:47 PM

                                          I'm good with it. Needs to be fresh corn.

                                          1. ipsedixit May 30, 2013 07:02 PM

                                            It's popular in Los Angeles (well, at least in Arcadia, a suburb of Pasadena, which is a suburb of Los Angeles).

                                            1. cookie monster May 30, 2013 07:14 PM

                                              also very common on Brazilian pizza, usually with chicken. And much closer to home, Stella Rosa (now Stella Barra) Pizzeria in Santa Monica used to have a salumi and sweet corn pizza that was delicious but I don't see it on the current menu.

                                              1. Crockett67 May 30, 2013 07:24 PM

                                                We have an artisan pizzeria here called "Clever Crow Pizza" that has one with roasted onions, corn, and cheese on a sour dough crust. Apparently a signature pizza for them so eh, I'd eat it.

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                                                1. re: Crockett67
                                                  SteveRB May 30, 2013 08:09 PM

                                                  The Showbiz Pizza chain (what is now called Chuck E Cheese) had corn on one of their pizzas (the Royal) starting in 1980.

                                                2. w
                                                  Wawsanham May 31, 2013 01:12 PM

                                                  It's fairly common in Chile, and I've seen it in Poland too. From the responses on this thread, it seems to be everywhere but Italy and the United States (except for Sta. Monica).

                                                  1. njmarshall55 May 31, 2013 01:21 PM

                                                    No, thank you.

                                                    1. a
                                                      Annief123 May 31, 2013 01:33 PM

                                                      I've been making pizza w/corn for years ever since I had it at Alfornos in Providence RI. They do a grilled pizza w/ a simple fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella and grilled corn. It comes to the table covered with fresh scallions.
                                                      It's the best pizza I've ever had, and for its size, the most expensive too.
                                                      The recipe is in their cookbook, Cucina Simpatica.

                                                      1. Chemicalkinetics May 31, 2013 05:21 PM

                                                        I have not had it and I have not seen one, but I imagine that I would actually like corn on pizza a lot. Now, corn in Ramen would not work for me.

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                                                        1. re: Chemicalkinetics
                                                          paulj May 31, 2013 08:26 PM

                                                          Seemed to work for Tony

                                                          1. re: paulj
                                                            Chemicalkinetics May 31, 2013 08:59 PM

                                                            I try to follow my own taste preference. :)

                                                            1. re: Chemicalkinetics
                                                              linguafood May 31, 2013 09:29 PM

                                                              Ooooh. I had wonderful tonkatsu ramen in Berlin at this place:


                                                              that had corn in it.... but I love corn a lot, period.

                                                              It is really awesome on pizza. If the grilled pizza wins on the DOTM thread, I will convince my man to give it a try.

                                                        2. r
                                                          RosePearl Jun 1, 2013 02:30 AM

                                                          In Okinawa, the pizza often came with corn, or small pancakes with fried egg, and the sauce was Hunt's tomato, right out of the can.

                                                          1. l
                                                            laliz Jun 3, 2013 10:16 AM

                                                            I've never had it, but when I read the topic title, I thought, "why not?"
                                                            and I live close to Arcadia and not that far from Santa Monica.

                                                            I am also going to try the tuna/corn thingie. sounds good to me.

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