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May 23, 2013 08:37 AM

Corn on Pizza??

I just finished downloadeing a BUTTLOAD of food wallpaper pics from a website and the majority of pics of pizza had kernel corn on them. Is this some new trend of which I am unaware? do any of you eat corn on your pizza?

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  1. I never have, but want to try it as an additional topping to my red bliss potato white pizza. I'll probably slice the kernels off some leftover grilled "on the cob".

    1. Oh sure, it's very good on pizza. When we have grilled pizza I grill fresh corn on the cob alongside the dough and then cut the kernels off with all that nice char and add it as a topping before serving.

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        I didn't know this was unusual or specific to any particular type of pizza enjoyment. I had the topping grilled on a pizza in CA years ago and started making it that way at home during NJ corn season.

      2. One of my favorite toppings, in fact.

        When I used to deliver pizza, my post-shift treat would be a pizza -- one half topped with ham, spinach & mushrooms, one half topped with tuna, corn & onion.

        Awesomeness. It's clearly not an American thing, but why would I care.

        1. Slightly askew of the topic, but I have a dear friend who makes her tuna salad with corn. She had it served to her that way in Ireland, thought it was odd at first, but now loves it. So does virtually everyone else to whom she has served it! I bet it would be spectacular with roasted sweet corn!

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            I just saw that version of tuna salad in "Real Irish Food" by David Bowers. Simply can of tuna, mayo and some canned corn.

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              Tuna, sweetcorn and mayo have been a British sandwich staple for the last few decades.

            2. It's a popular pizza topping in parts of Asia. I've had it like that in Singapore, Malaysia and India. I wish more places offered it here in the US.

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                Corn on pizza is very popular in Japan, and I wouldn't be surprised if it originated here. Among expats in Japan, a joking expression is "I'll have a corn and squid pizza and a bottle of sweat." The sweat is, of course, the sports drink Pokari Sweat.

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                  Yes I have seen it in India as "sweetcorn." Also common in Dubai because of the high South Asian population.