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Saveur Magazine Subscription 4.99 a year


just posting in case anyone is interested

not sure how long the offer lasts, it may be only a day

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  1. Note: If you order Saveur at the deep discount you will be offered a year of Bon Appetit for the same low price.

    1. Thanks for this. It's a mag I've considered subscribing to so this is indeed a great deal. And it does include free shipping which isn't always the case.

      1. I hope you receive the Pizza issue with this offer. I have it and it's a great read with tons of recipes and tips.

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        1. re: HillJ

          I picked that up over at B&N and am really enjoying it :)

        2. Thank you, I recently let my subscription run out, and definitely will do this!!

          1. Thanks for the heads up. I just re-subscribed.

            1. Belated thanks for the tip. Almost subscribed through Amazon, glad I waited!

              1. Looks like it's gone now. My subscription runs through 2016 so I probably didn't need it anyway!

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                  1. re: cwdonald

                    At $5/yr, is it your opinion that it's not worth it? I just figure at that price, I can check it out.