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May 23, 2013 06:34 AM

Le philosophe

Dont see much talk about it. Any must eats?

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  1. Tournedos Rossini
    Chocolate mousse with hazelnut crisp and passion fruit

    1. the duck a l'orange is really good.

      had the frog legs as well. wasn't overly impressed, but seems to be a popular dish.

      1. Thanks to you both. Wound up having a great dinner there last night. Here's a quick rundown of what we had (4 of us)

        Frog Legs - While I wasn't blown away as well I enjoyed it. Completely not what I expected. More like a beautiful little salad with mushrooms, deboned legs, other goodies and a very nice garlicky sauce

        Mussels - Fantastic! Maine mussels, some of the biggest I've had. Excellent sauce.

        Escargot - Another classic that didnt look anything like the classic. Major garbanzo presence and more amazing sauce (black garlic, sort of curry'ish)

        Tournedos Rossini - Great dish. didnt care for the Foie much, but the filet was perfectly cooked (medium rare) and very flavorful for a filet, worked very well with that madeira sauce. Asparagus was a bit too buttery

        Duck a l’Orange - Had a few bites and thought it was very good. Perfectly cooked and nicely crisped. Not too orangy

        Black Bass - Another winner. More incredible sauce (with mint, other herbs). Very flavorful overall even after eating the richer stuff

        Maine Lobster Thermidor - Ordered by the "no sharing policy" member of the group. Looked good. Maine lobster and not the messy Thermidor I'm accustomed to

        Profiteroles - Awesome

        Chocolate Mousse with Passion fruit - Awesomer! Lately I shy away from the Mousses (Mice?) but this was different and delicious

        Great meal!

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        1. re: Ziggy41

          its a very solid restaurant. they cook everything very well. of all of the 'new french' places, i like le philosophe the best.

        2. Some pictures of the meal for ya boys and girls.
          If you guess all the Philosophers on the wall they give you a free flu shot, I think. I may have been a little buzzed when the waitress explained the rules. They can show you a chart of the names if you wish.