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May 22, 2013 11:13 PM

Polly's Pies? Anyone?

I grew up going to Polly's in LB, so there is a lot of nostalgia. But I have been back many, many times as an adult, and I gotta say, that Backburner soup is just as good now! The pies are good, but there are probably better to be had (except maybe the chocolate silk). But that soup...a couple of buttered rolls to dip in, and that's one of my perfect meals. It's been on my mind a lot lately, perhaps because the only one in LA closed it's doors quite a few years ago. But at least once a month I think about driving to Long Beach just for that soup. Anyone with me on Polly's?

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  1. My wife worked at Polly's in SM while attending UCLA, so we used to go there (way after she stopped working there) when she felt nostalgic. We definitely lamented its closure and do on occasion go to the one in LB for a pie fix. Don't think I've had the Backburner. My favorite non-dessert item of theirs was the pot roast pie.

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      That's now a Panera Bread cafe, right ?

    2. I used to like Polly's Pies in Santa Monica before it closed. When I am in the Long Beach area, I rather prefer Jongwaard's, especially when they have Ollalieberry pie season, which should be coming up really soon.

      There is a Polly's in Torrance as well.

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        In my opinion, Jongewarrds (how in the hell does one pronounce it ?) is way better than Polly's.

      2. Recently tried Polly's in Montebello for breakfast for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. Their banana macadamia nut pancakes are very good

        1. not sure which part of LA you're @ but there's a polly's down the st from my place in norwalk (15mins from dtla).

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            REEEEALLLLY...... That might be a worth a trip this weekend! (Usually I only get to Pollys after the LB flea mkt.) I'll look it up! Maybe take some Backburner home and freeze it! :)

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              There is also a relatively new one on Carson in Torrance, just E of Western. Just a few blocks from the 110.

            2. I like Polly's. I go to the one in Yorba Linda. Not spectacular, but very solid breakfast in my experience. Blueberry pancakes are very good, and they have an ample cinnamon roll. I also enjoy their pies.