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May 22, 2013 09:37 PM

Copper River sightings yet?

Have been craving some good copper river salmon, which we can usually start finding by this time of year. Has anyone noticed it at your favorite seafood markets yet?

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  1. It hit Whole Foods on Monday.

    1. Just saw that Isaacson & Stein just got their 1st shipment in today.... will be taking a ride into the city Saturday morning for the copper river salmon & wahoo!

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      1. re: wineaux

        Sunset Foods is advertising: "WHOLE COPPER RIVER SOCKEYE SALMON SALE! This Saturday, May 25th, at all stores, 10am–4pm. Catch big savings on Whole Wild Copper River Salmon, flown in overnight exclusively to Sunset Foods from a family-owned, sustainable fishery in Cordova, Alaska! Averaging 5–7 lbs, we’ll cut them into fillets or steaks for you for free. Only 9.98 lb for an entire salmon (whole or filleted). While supplies last."

        1. re: GourmetWednesday

          Would love to have done the whole fish, but we ended up taking an early morning drive down to Isaacson & Stein and got the Copper River for $16.95/lb. Also picked up some wahoo, which I've also been waiting for and some ahi tuna. It's going to be a great chow weekend:)!

          Thanks for the suggestions!