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May 22, 2013 07:36 PM

Naragansett , RI

Hi going to naragansettRI for memorial weekend any lobster shacks or good food. Not the high end stuff just good food that is interesting or bars with good food.

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  1. How far are you willing to drive? I can suggest places in Newport but don't know 'Gansett that well. The Coast Guard House is popular but I can't speak to quality. Pt. Judith has some good clam shacks. I ate at the Amalfi once years ago and it was great, but seems reviews are mixed now.

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      Would like to stay in the Naraganseet area. We are going to Block islAnd also for a day trip.

    2. Iggy's Doughboys and Chowder House is a Rhode Island institution with a location in Narragansett. It is basically a take out clam shack. Though the menu has sandwiches/burgers etc. the reason to go there is the fried end of the spectrum

      For me it is the clam cakes (deep fried balls of dough studded with pieces of clams), fish & chips, and dough boys (puffed fried dough sprinkled with sugar). I don't care for the chowder which is too thick for my taste. I prefer a milk or light cream based chowder.

      I like to get my order (which can take awhile as it is very popular with both Rhode Islanders and tourists) and drive to a water view.

      Enjoy your weekend.

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        Prefer Champlin's to Iggy's for seafood, fried or not.

        Also can't beat Matunuck Oyster Bar, not too far away in South Kingston.

      2. Last week, I had some really excellent fried scallops at Monahans (clam shack - outdoor seating) just south of the sea wall. They've been consistently excellent there over the past few years. Can't say as much for the fried clams or F&C as neither were all that great the last time I had them there, but its been perhaps two years.

        I would avoid Iggys, Georges & Aunt Carries. All tend to serve fried / frozen items - not all that great of quality. Champlins has great fried flounder where I tend to get their boiled red skin potatoes vs. their frozen fries. I've not been all that pleased with their clams nor scallops, but they do have excellent streamers & mussels, although at some times they have had some really puny clams.

        For an informal / casual indoor seating, we've been quite pleased for lobster, steamers and F&C (especially their tavern style) at Twin Willows (decent bar / tavern) - a few miles north on 1A. Their fresh cut fries are typically quite excellent.

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          Thx for the info. I'm looking for lobster but it seems clams are pretty prevelant. Love good fries , cole slaw. With the proposed weather we'll probably be doing a lot of eating!

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            Then head down to Champlins. If the 1-1.5 lb-ers are not enough for you, you can pick one out of their market below the restaurant. Otherwise, I'd only consider Twin Willows (for lobster).

            Should have mentioned Spain is excellent for a more upscale dinner while Trio falls somewhere between Twin Willow & Spain, although I'd still only consider Champlins or Twin Willow for the lobster.

        2. CrazyBurger is a Naragansett institution. Their burgers are fantastic and the homemade catchup is legendary Featured on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.

          Go off hours to avoid the crowds and waits.

          1. Matunuk Oyster Bar is superlative...absolutely wonderful. Trio, which is right IN Narragansett, a few blacks from the water is really good, also...they have a number of small plates on the menu. Both places maintain a consistency in terms of food AND service.