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May 22, 2013 07:26 PM

McDonald's Daily Double

This doesn't seem to have it's own thread, although it has been mentioned in passing in a couple of others.

With 2 patties it comes in at 1/5 pound of meat, plus has lettuce, tomato, 'real' onion slices, and cheese. It is dressed with mayo. At $1.99 it is less than half the price of a Quarter Pounder with almost as much meat and (to me) better toppings. If you just have to have pickle they will put some on for you. Basically it is a McDouble deluxe at twice the price. Most of the time for me it's worth it, although I find the flavor is enhanced by the addition of ketchup, in which case it becomes a 'virtual whopper' (from that other place.) I usually get mine without cheese. Somehow asking for it with no cheese plus ketchup confuses them. I've taken to ordering it without cheese and asking for an extra ketchup packet when they give me the burger.

Path of least resistance.

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  1. Tried it. Didn't think the toppings were worth twice the price of a McDouble. Same with the Onion Cheddar Burger. Both are attempts to wean people off the $1 Value Menu items on which McDonalds is losing a ton of money.

    1. > Basically it is a McDouble deluxe at twice the price.

      The pricing does tell you something about the cost of keeping fresh vegetables (lettuce and tomato) in fast food restaurants, as opposed to frozen patties and condiments. The buns should be delivered daily regardless.

      1. Also not worth it in my book. And the "virtual whopper" analogy doesn't work for me; the taste of BK's meat is far superior to the generic McD patties, which tend to make me feel queasy. (No other burger seems to do this,homemade or chain.)