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May 22, 2013 06:51 PM

Moderate restaurants near the Galleria

Would anyone have a few recommendations for moderately priced restaurants (not high end) centered near the Galleria. I am touring with a small group of college students, and while pizza and pannini are staples, something a little more upscale, but not expensive would serve us well. Home made pasta, risotto dishes, and the classic veal Milanese are on the wish list.

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    1. re: jen kalb

      Sorry for my misspelling - Trattoria Milanese.

      1. re: jen kalb

        Ah, so can you confirm that this establishment is still in operation? When I was in Milan a few days ago, I went by it to find it shut - and ringing (on an earlier day - Saturday, to be exact) suspiciously gave no response. It had the feel of a situation where a restaurant might have abruptly shut down - but I was never able to confirm this.

        It's not precisely full-authentic Milanese (there is a Sardinian slant), but provided you can live with occasionally cavalier service, I found that Papa Francesco (adjacent to the Galleria) offers a good balance of affordability and reasonable quality. Nothing that will blow you away here, but it sounds to me that you're not necessarily wanting that; just somewhere to have a meal above really basic cheap options.

        It's also worth dropping by Grom, just around the corner, for ice cream.

        1. re: AlexRast

          there are onlline reviews posted in the last few weeks - according to google, they are closed on Sat and Sun - a lot of business restaurants in italian city centers are. Bad luck, I would have liked to hear how it was.

          We went to that Grom and were quite disappointed - the peach sorbet tasted oxidised like some of the fruit had browned.but maybe the gelato is better...

          1. re: jen kalb

            Hmm! That's not something I was able to find - all my sources suggested it was open on Saturday. OK, good to know. If I'd known at the time I might have gone on Monday rather than to the Antica Trattoria Della Pesa which is where I went that day for lunch.

            My experience of Grom is that generally the flavours range from good to outstanding, but a bit as you say, it depends upon which you choose. The blueberry is the only sorbetto of theirs I've had - it was very good indeed, they use a special technique to concentrate the flavour, by incorporating condensed blueberry paste, which is made just like tomato paste, by very slowly reducing mashed blueberries over low heat. I tend to go for their ice creams generally; overall at any ice cream shop I have a distribution that tends to go chocolate 50% of the time, hazelnut 25% of the time, either blueberry (if available) or frutti di bosco (if not) 20% of the time, and all other flavours 5% of the time. As you can see I have strong favourites...

            The hazelnut I had when in Milan was OK, perhaps not sublime, but the ice cream on the whole was far, far better than a lot of other recommended places in Milan.

            A lot of the cognoscenti seem to use peach as their "benchmark" flavour - is there a reason for this? Or just personal preference on your part? I use chocolate as my benchmark flavour because it's the most difficult to do right, requires careful formulation because of the high fat content of chocolate, and is best done with a high-quality chocolate, which only a few shops actually do.

    2. Might be fun to take them to the "food court" at the top of the Rinascente Department store.
      There is an Obika up there as well as other options.
      And the shopping's not bad either.

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