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May 22, 2013 06:36 PM

Four Cafe on Fairfax

Just noticed signs at the former Black Cat property on Fairfax saying Eagle Rock's Four Cafe is coming soon.

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  1. Wait - does that mean it is leaving Eagle Rock?

    Or is it a new branch?

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    1. re: happybaker

      I have no idea, really, but their website doesn't mention moving to a new location.

      1. re: happybaker

        New branch. I like Four Cafe. Congrats, people near Fairfax.

        1. re: pley

          Whew! Thank you.

          And yay for them!

          1. re: pley

            That is fabulous news!! So happy for them... They are one of the best Soup and Salad places in town... I actually prefer them to Clementine...


          1. Is this place worth going to? What to get? I happen to live a stone's throw away. I must admit, I find the actual look of the place pretty unappealing. Lots of greens and woods and it feels like a '70s bachelor pad. Weird.

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            1. re: EarlyBird

              I love the one in Eagle Rock & we relied heavily upon it when we were house hunting last year.

              Went to the Fairfax one recently & it was nearly empty, although it's true we were on the early side for dinner. I ordered cauliflower chickpea stew & a kale salad. The stew was really good. Perhaps because of the stew's strong flavors, I felt the salad was a little bland. I've had excellent salads from previous Four menus so can easily forgive this one. They change menus every season. Also the salad portions are very generous.

              Service also good.

              I hope the neighborhood catches on to this place.

              1. re: EarlyBird

                I have gone to both four cafes, but most recently the one on fairfax. the one in eagle rock, we were just not impressed with. but the one on fairfax has been a hit with co-workers. friendly service, though it can be loud inside. food is solid. a good addition to the area for lunch options.