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May 22, 2013 05:19 PM


So I'm coming to Dallas for the first time (lot's of helpful posts here, thanks!) and when asking my friend what I should eat he told me the burger at Snuffer's is the best he's ever had (and he's a big dude, who I KNOW has eaten a lot of burgers)

In looking at this place online and it looks like a chain, which gives me pause (not that chains are necessarily bad, but, well, you know...).

Does my friend have terrible taste or is Snuffer's worth a visit in my time in Dallas?

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  1. You can visit but, no one's home. It's gone! Finito! Even the building has been torn down.

    The best burgers in Dallas to name a few are,
    Maple & Motor, Offsite Kitchen, Liberty Burger,
    Hopdoddy Burger Bar, Stackburger, and in downtown Dallas,
    Chop House Burger.

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      The original Snuffers has been torn down for renovation but there are others still open. Either way, your friend has bad taste in burgers. Snuffers is famous for their gut bomb cheese fries, which also are unspectacular but have nostalgic value for SMU alumni.

      Twinwillow's list of burger joints is spot on. My personal favorite is Offsite Kitchen which is more of the Shake Shack/In 'n Out variety stylistically speaking.

    2. I've only eaten at the Addison location, but I really liked it and always order the green chili burger. And yes, I'm a huge fan of the gut bomb cheese fries :-)

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        I'm partial to Snuffer's cheese burger's, too. They are all doe medium rare unless otherwise requested. And thy are one of the few burger joints that put enough onion on the burger. I'm also fond of poppy seed buns, so there is that. And I like the cheese fries, too!

        1. re: Mike C. Miller

          I agree about the poppy seed buns, they're my favorite on burgers!

      2. I think anyone from out of town (besides Austin) would be impressed with Hopdoddy. They break down the specific ingredients in to thier individual components and make sure they have the best of each. Buns are made fresh daily, meat ground fresh daily and comes from a local sustainable source, the vegtables are grown locally. Every ingredient thought of. Even the classic burger is the best I have had. It just lets the ingredients shine. Also recommended is any of their specialty burgers. I had a smoked quail burger that had arugula and goat cheese. It is still on my mind about 3 months later. Even the chili cheese burger, the chili is a proper Texas chili. Another reason I like it, you can order your degree of doneness.

        I have had OSK but not Maple and Motor. Those you do not get an option of doneness. Both are solid choices but I would go with Hopdoddy over all of them.

        Snuffers is not a good choice and I would say the bugers are decent and back about 5 years ago I would have agreed it was a good burger. Times have changed here and the burger wars are on in Dallas. Unfortunately, Snuffers has gone by the way side if you are seeking out a quality burger

        1. The Grape won Texas Monthly #1 for their burger, and it is good. The buns are housemade, lettuce/tomato grown in their own garden, etc. Only served on the weekend I believe--I know Sunday all day for sure. Love Shack (in FW) is a good burger too.

          Oh, and Twisted Root is worth a visit ... if you go, be sure to have an adult shake. (Their bumper sticker collection is ... interesting.)