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May 22, 2013 04:53 PM

One day in Paris to impress my teens (lunch or dinner)

Hi, we're spending three weeks in late July visiting Belgium, France and Germany, with just one day set aside for Paris (July 23). My boys, already foodies, are 13 and 15.

I was thinking along the lines of pastries/breads for breakfast, the main meal at lunch, and a creperie for a late meal. If there is some reason to have the main meal at dinner, that is fine too. We'll be walking all day in the usual tourist spots, so something central to that would be preferred, but not required. Limit for the Lunch is €300 all included with wine (obviously wine for only 2) but I will be more than happy to spend much less as long as the Parisian experience, even if not the food, is equal.

We'll be eating at many "intimate" restaurants during the three weeks, so I think something like Le Train Bleu is the kind of thing I'm looking for even though the food and service may not be on par with other choices, it seems it will be a memorable meal. I was also planning on a lunch later during the trip in Nancy at L'Excelsior, so maybe we don't need another Brasserie?

Any ideas are welcome, and since I'm overwhelmed by the choices in Paris, if I don't get any alternatives, I'm sure we'll be happy at Le Train Bleu.


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  1. My favorite creperie is Le Pot au Lait on the rue Censier in the 5 th. If you go there for lunch you can take everyone to Carl Marletti,just down the street, for fabulous pastry for dessert. Way way under €300. And then for dinner,not the greatest fanciest food but quite acceptable, Le Vaudeville in the 2nd. such a beautiful '30s Deco building..

    1. Although it will end slightly above your budget, you might want to consider lunch at La Tour d'Argent (75 Euros pp) for the view over the Seine and Notre Dame and the best of classic French cuisine and service.Unforgettable experience guaranteed.

      1. Thanks for the recs, I will check those out!

        1. I took my kids ages 9 and 13 to Train Bleu, along with another family, and it was a highlight of the trip. One needn't mention that the food could be better, but overall for the price, you won't get much more amazing. For a meal at any time. Lunches at many great places seem best bang for the buck, but then that's 3 hours or so mid day... Up to you to make the tradeoffs. Train Bleu is great for best bang elegant, from what I know, but not great food. Let others chime in. TB is in Lobrano FWIW.

          Service at TB is great, with formally clad servers.