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need meal ideas for "stew meat"

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need meal ideas for "stew meat" too warm to have stew now, don't want beef tips..any ideas???

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  1. I just bought some that I intend on making Czech gulas with.

      1. I usually make a beef vegetable soup with stew meat when I have it, but might not be a good time for hearty soup either. How about a vindaloo? Or a Thai curry?

        1. Maybe Chicago Italian Beef sandwiches?

            1. My stewing meat usually ends up as a curry - Sri Lankan, Indian, Malaysian... There are enough varieties to keep one occupied in experimenting for quite some time.

              1. A slow cooked beef ragu sauce perhaps? Depending on how much meat you have to work with, you could make a large batch and freeze some portions of it for later use too.

                You may try marinating them with some ingredients to tenderize them, then skewering and grilling them as well.

                Or even slice the pieces really thin and stir fry them with some oyster sauce, broccoli and perhaps other veggies.

                1. cook it; shred it, mix w/potatoes (I use frozen shredded hash browns) and chopped onion, brown well and voila! Roast Beef Hash ~~ put a fried egg on it and you are golden.