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May 22, 2013 03:36 PM

need italian that is vegetarian-friendly and wheelchair-accessible

Hi, We're staying in Kendall Sq for a week, looking for an Italian lunch from the N End to anywhere north of Cambridge, where wheelchair access is easy (and parking is not impossible for the friend joining us from New Hampshire with her car), with plenty of vegetarian choices. We're happy with pricing at any level, but I'd like to avoid the chain restaurants, and get real CHOW. Yes, I understand that Boston is mostly known for red-sauce Ital-American. Great marinara sauce is the goal. Thanks!

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  1. i'm pretty sure Gran Gusto should work - they have parking behind the restaurant and, in good weather, a pretty outside seating area and I believe a wheelchair could negotiate. I would call and ask of course to be sure.

    1. Dante's at the Sonesta hotel might meet your needs. Has a decent vegetarian selection, very wheelchair friendly, and a large parking lot [though you do have to pay.]

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        i like dante's but they don't serve lunch as I recall.

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          Evidently, my reading comprehension is in a downward spiral. Just didn't notice the lunch part of the original post. Thanks for pointing this out so they didn't head to someplace that was closed!

      2. Gran Gusto looks like an excellent suggestion for us. Are there any suggestions for farther north, in the 'burbs beyond Cambridge?

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          For lunch, Gran Gusto is great particularly as almost all the other really good options like Giulia (also in Cambridge) are closed (similarly, A Tavola in Winchester further North and possibly more convenient for you is closed for lunch).

          Other options include also Coppa in the South End or Pasta Beach not far from the North End and either is better than the North End options and there's Sportello in Fort Point as well.

          1. re: retrofabulousity

            The parking behind Gran Gusto for lunch is only on Saturdays. People report not being ticketed at the permit-only lot at the park across the street. I also seem to remember a few steps between the patio/dining room and the back where the bathrooms and back entrance are, can't remember if there's a ramp alternative.

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            Definitely call Gran Gusto to confirm it's wheelchair accessible because the main front entrance definitely isn't, there are a few stairs.

            Pasta Beach is a good option with a parking garage underneath (the Boston Harbor Hotel) that you take the elevator from to get to the ground level. From there is a little walk to get to Pasta Beach, but no stairs.

          3. you could do well at scampo too. also in a hotel, so very accessible, and has a lovely private patio. although i wouldn't describe it as a "red sauce" place, by any stretch.