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Rolling pin

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I recently bought an odd shaped vintage rolling pin that has a knob on one end and another knob in the middle. it is wood and has the name Fabrique Dax stamped into the wood. Can someone please tell me what it is used for and what country it may have originated from?

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    1. My guess would be either France, or Belgium.

      Is it a rolling pin, or is it for smashing fruit,veggies through a chinois?

      1. What makes you think it's a rolling pin?

        1. Here is the pic from the auction

            1. It looks more like a belaying pin.

              1. This may finally be the item that stopped Google in its tracks---I can't find anything. HOWEVER the search did lead me to a most fascinating company, Fante's Rolling Pins, In Business since 1894. Do take a look.

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                  Correction! Fante's doesn't just sell rolling pins--it has cazuelas and Romertopfs and special pans for making panettone and a $1900 solid brass duck press. Do not miss this candy store of goodies. Also I remembered the date wrong---Fante's has been around only since 1906.

                2. It's a spool or bobbin. Notice the hole drilled in the end without the knob. This allows it to be set upright over a pin and to turn freely, unwinding its contents as needed. The two knobs keep the yarn confined on the spool.

                  "Fabrique Dax" means "made in Dax," which is a town in France.