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May 22, 2013 01:09 PM

Any hounds try Seasalt Fish Grill in SM yet?

Reviews on the food seem generally positive, though predictably service seems to be a low point due to the inevitable crowds that storm a new restaurant. Maybe I'll try it in a few weeks, or during off hours, and see how it is in more ideal conditions.

Glad to see more casual seafood options opening...


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  1. Yeah, I noticed it on my way driving to the beach the other day. It looks like it may be promising. Though I haven't tried it just yet.

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      Now I want a Loco Dog!

      The Loco Dog
      Wagyu beef hot dog with spicy slaw, crispy onions, spicy dijon and our signature crema on a soft hoagie roll. Served with a side of avocado and fresh tomato relish. - $7.99

    2. Hadn't even heard of it, thanks for letting me know! Finally a casual seafood place, open for lunch, that's not too far from me! Will let you know when I try it!

      1. It appears to be a new restaurant chain with fast food.
        Probably not a "dining" experience, per se.

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          Yes, it's supposed to be "fast-casual" similar to Tender Greens or Burger Lounge or Chipotle.

        2. Reportedly by the folks who run Jack & Jill's.

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            Interesting.. there is definitely a corporate feel to it (ready for franchising & expansion, complete w/ a cute fish on grill logo). nothing wrong with that, but it definitely feels "chainy"

          2. yeah i tried it a couple of days ago. The concept is similar to The Fish Grill (the Kosher place w/ a few branches) but more modern. I got the surf & turf which is a fish sammich w/ bacon. The fish portion was *very* generous and nicely fried and flakey and served on a brioche bun. It was very large and filling. Tasty too... sure beats the McD's fish-o-filet. The slaw that came with it had a Thai style dressing on it and was ok. I mean, the whole experience didn't wow me or anything, but I thought it was solid, esp for the price. I'd be happy to try it again for their grilled fish offerings. The space feels pretty small walking in but is done up nice. There are only 7-8 tables downstairs but there's also a loft which i didn't check out.

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              Loft has 5 two-tops and a table for 6 that was against the stair rail so it only seats four. Cute space.