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May 22, 2013 11:35 AM

I've forgotten the name of establishment in the District

A couple of years ago a friend took us to lunch at an eating establishment in the District (near 14th & "eye" if that helps) where the food was presented buffet style and was weighed to determine price. I cannot recall the name of the place and want to recommend it to a friend. I don't know if the place was/is a chain or not.

Anyone know of such a place? Name? Location?


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  1. there are several places like this all over downtown. I think some of them have Soho in their name

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    1. re: rozziesmom

      Thanks! That's it!

      After I posted my question - it occurred to me how lame the question was. I might as well have said, "Do you know the name of that restaurant that has knives and forks?" And gotten the ol' eye-roll and sigh response.

      Thanks for not calling me out. :-)